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Willow? Too hippy?

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BubblesomeBella Sun 28-Feb-10 14:14:35

What would be your thoughts if you were to hear a child called Willow?

ArcticFox Sun 28-Feb-10 14:19:49

I like the name per se but problematic if you grow up a bit on the chunky side as people would expect a Willow to be willowy.

BubblesomeBella Sun 28-Feb-10 14:24:56

Yes good point Artic, hadn't considered that

hippipotamiHasLost80lbs Sun 28-Feb-10 14:28:06

I love love love the names Willow and Grace. But decided against them for dd because of Arctic's point. As it is dd is now 7 and very tall and well... willowy and Willow or Grace would have suited her. Alas, bit late to change her name now sad

GladioliBuckets Sun 28-Feb-10 19:39:34

Guardian-reading middle class parents. Similar lines of Iris, India etc.

MammyG Sun 28-Feb-10 19:46:33

Loved the name and def was going to use until I heard others (my mother included) pronounce it willa!! was horrified and decided that was not happening!

ProfYaffle Sun 28-Feb-10 19:51:56

My dd1 is Willow. I am northern and working class! Never had anyone pronounce is 'Willa'.

lifeas3plus1 Sun 28-Feb-10 19:52:29

Love It.

Baysmum Sun 28-Feb-10 19:55:56

I teach a lovely boy called Willow - v arty family!

Heated Sun 28-Feb-10 20:01:39

Used to teach sisters called Willow and Grace, neither really lived up to their names: Willow was more drippy, pale and ill-looking & Grace always had a runny nose, never used a tissue.

Otoh if you are likely to have a lovely fey dd then it would suit very well.

CinderellaRach Sun 28-Feb-10 20:04:10

Absolutely love Willow.Beautiful name.Did you post some copletely different names earlier?

pointysayhiphip Sun 28-Feb-10 20:04:10

yeah, too hippy

GladioliBuckets Sun 28-Feb-10 20:11:25

Willa's quite nice actually. Or Willem for a boy.

mamasmissionimpossible Sun 28-Feb-10 20:18:29

My lovely cat as a child was called willow. I wanted the name for my dd. Dh vetoed it I think it's a beautiful name.

MammyG Mon 01-Mar-10 21:41:29

ProfYaffle am irish so was prob just accent here.

Do think its a lovely name still tho

mrsvwoolf Tue 02-Mar-10 15:26:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SkaterGrrrrl Tue 02-Mar-10 15:39:43

Like it.

passionberry Tue 02-Mar-10 15:42:12

I like it but like others have said, I would worry that it wouldn't suit every child.

birdofthenorth Tue 02-Mar-10 18:18:03

Love it, but would worry about giving her an eating disorder as she strives to live up to her name!!

paisleyleaf Tue 02-Mar-10 18:20:25

I think the same as Arcticfox - they'd have to be willowy throughout their lives to carry it off.

Lotkinsgonecurly Tue 02-Mar-10 18:24:17

I love it, but what if was my dd would be worried she'd inherit my chunky scarily large thighs. Therefore a career as a ballerina would be out.

rubbishname Tue 02-Mar-10 19:22:10

My friend's DD is called Willow and she's def not hippyish at all! I had never thought about the tree or the skinny thing to be honest.

UnrequitedSkink Tue 02-Mar-10 19:25:43

It's beautiful, and if you are genetically predisposed to be slender then go for it.

MrsToffeeCrisp Tue 02-Mar-10 19:28:58

I'm sure it was the name of the Blue Peter cat years ago, so that's what I'd think of.

BessieBoots Tue 02-Mar-10 19:29:18

Gorgeous. But I'm a hippy, so just ignore me grin

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