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Trillian as a middle name?

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LissyGlitter Sun 25-Oct-09 19:03:54

This started off as a joke, but I am now starting to seriously consider it...

The new baby will be called Emmeline Christabel Something, to go with Marianne Catherine Isabella. We wanted the second middle name to honour BIL who has just died, but didn't really like any of the female variations of his name. Yesterday we went to his favourite pub, which is called Trillians, and we thought that could work as a name.

Are we just being daft now?

kneedeepinthedirtylaundry Sun 25-Oct-09 19:06:05

Do you know that Trillian is also a character in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

Jas Sun 25-Oct-09 19:07:24

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxygrin

Middle names can be as daft as you want, though, and I've heard worse.

LissyGlitter Sun 25-Oct-09 19:08:37

Yeah, and that was another point in favour. it is a while since I read them/watched the film (have never got round to listening to the radio series) but she is really clever and beautiful, isn't she?

Then again, I am usually a bit of a traditionalist in the area of naming, and it is clearly a made up name...

LeonieBooCreepy Sun 25-Oct-09 19:09:57

Message withdrawn

kneedeepinthedirtylaundry Sun 25-Oct-09 19:11:07

Yes, she was beautiful and clever, and very independent and adventurous.

stakethroughtheheartofgold Sun 25-Oct-09 19:19:13

... waits for trill ...

well i like it (lifelong hh fan) and middle names are fair game for something a little quirky imho, although i might raise an eyebrow at initials ECT.

stakethroughtheheartofgold Sun 25-Oct-09 19:20:36

btw get hold of the radio series - original and best

MilkNoPoisonPlease Sun 25-Oct-09 19:24:06

blush i quite like it!

although it is making me think of that budgie seed trill!

can you not variat on his first name at all?

itchyandscratchy Sun 25-Oct-09 19:25:07

I like the sentiment, but it sounds like either a character from Blake's 7

or a budgie

itchyandscratchy Sun 25-Oct-09 19:25:54

x-posts with Milk!

DitaVonCheese Sun 25-Oct-09 20:27:32

It makes me chuckle to name a baby Trillian in a time of banks collapsing and losing trillions ... but I am a huge fan of the silly middle name, so I vote go for it

mathanxiety Mon 26-Oct-09 03:29:07

Middle name should be Sylvia.

DiamondHead Mon 26-Oct-09 08:30:56

I think, why not, especially as she already has a sensible middle name.
I like a middle name with a bit of a story, that's a bit different.
I did think HHGTG too but that no bad thing.

sassmonkey Mon 26-Oct-09 12:59:58

I like Trillian a lot. Very pretty sounding, and carries meaning, which I think middle names should do.

diddl Mon 26-Oct-09 13:35:07

What was BILs name?

LissyGlitter Mon 26-Oct-09 13:46:02

BIL was Peter. I like Petula, DP likes Petronia (which to me is dafter than Trillian) but we can't agree on one name.

Peter was a metal fan, into wrestling and World of Warcraft, he used to dress like a mixture between jack sparrow and Russell brand (all my mates had massive crushes on him) , he died of cancer at the age of 31 two and a half months ago. He adored DD and was really excited about the new baby

He had no children of his own, so we thought naming one of ours after him would be a nice gesture.

Zil131 Mon 26-Oct-09 13:49:17

oooh, I'm a huge fan of the silly middle name! Especially as there is already a proper first and middle name!
She can always pretend she doesn't have it, then it will be fun at her wedding!!

corblimeymadam Mon 26-Oct-09 13:51:16

Message withdrawn

stakethroughtheheartofgold Mon 26-Oct-09 13:55:54

the more i hear the more i think you have to use trillian, it's fab.

diddl Mon 26-Oct-09 13:58:09

I remember this.

I like Pier.

DitaVonCheese Mon 26-Oct-09 22:48:34

Zil My cousin-in-law has an extremely silly middle name which only came out at his wedding. The sound of my cousin repeating it with a tone of horrified incredulity during her wedding vows will stay with me forever grin

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