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A sister for Alexander...

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GoldenSnitch Fri 11-Sep-09 17:00:14

DS is named Alexander, Alex for short.

We chose it for many reasons - because it's a classic name (DH likes very traditional names), it has loads of possible nicknames - none of which I hate - that he can use if he wishes when he's older, it's pretty much impossible to spell wrong and it's an ageless name - fine for a baby and a grown up. Plus, it doesn't start with a L, which our surname does.

We're now expecting a little girl.

Once again, I'm suggesting all the names and DH is just saying "No" to everything I suggest while not suggesting anything of his own. So I thought - why not ask Mumsnet grin

We want another classic, traditional name. I like Catherine - it's another greek name, with a whole host of nicknames (katie, kitty etc) and is easy to spell) but DH isn't too keen cause he has problems pronouncing 'th' (completely down to laziness BTW, he can do it if he tries)

We also need a vaguely Irish middle name (DH's Dad likes to think he's Irish) but I'm happy to ignore FIL's pressure if I can't find one I like.

Help me come up with some alternatives for him, I'm fed up of doing this on my own!...

GreatGooglyMoogly Fri 11-Sep-09 17:06:53

Charlotte (Lotti)
Elizabeth (Eliza, Beth, Lizzie, etc) (has 'th' though!)

GreatGooglyMoogly Fri 11-Sep-09 17:08:48

Victoria (Vicki, Tori)
Rebecca (Becca, Becky)

diddl Fri 11-Sep-09 17:09:52



GreatGooglyMoogly Fri 11-Sep-09 17:11:24

Olivia (Livi)
Eleanor (Ellie, Ella)

Fimbo Fri 11-Sep-09 17:12:37


GoldenSnitch Fri 11-Sep-09 17:13:04

Sisters, Neices and close friends with little girls mean Grace, Rose, Emma, Olivia, Clarissa, Hannah, Leilah, Kara and Natalie are ruled out...

GoldenSnitch Fri 11-Sep-09 17:13:38

Ooh and Ella and Freya

Fimbo Fri 11-Sep-09 17:14:13

The trouble with Irish names is that nobody can pronounce them properly let alone spell them.

GoldenSnitch Fri 11-Sep-09 17:15:32

I know. I love the look of Aoife (Eee-fa) but it's not exactly phonetic!

That's why it's got to be a middle name I think!

GreatGooglyMoogly Fri 11-Sep-09 17:16:00

Jessica (Jess, Jessie)

crokky Fri 11-Sep-09 17:17:06


GoldenSnitch Fri 11-Sep-09 17:18:33

My sister is named Hannah Crokky

BonsoirAnna Fri 11-Sep-09 17:20:43

I have DSSs Alexandre and Guillaume, and DD is Flora.

GoldenSnitch Fri 11-Sep-09 17:34:44

TBH, the thought of choosing anything other than Catherine makes me a bit sad - but then I was convinced I would never love a name for DS that wasn't Callum!

TwoPersephone Fri 11-Sep-09 17:50:00

We have an Alexandra, other names we liked were Elizabeth, Antonia and Harriet.

TwoPersephone Fri 11-Sep-09 17:51:04

Also, Eleanor, Verity and Henriette.

GoldenSnitch Fri 11-Sep-09 18:10:27

Will suggest all these to DH later.

Thanks everyone

diddl Fri 11-Sep-09 18:26:40

Let us know!

GoldenSnitch Fri 11-Sep-09 20:32:31

DH pointed out that as he knows how much I love Catherine, none of the new names I suggested can really be what I want.

Good observation but I'm not sure where it leaves us with names!!

Maybe he's softening to Catherine <hopeful emoticon>

Aoife has been vetoed though so I need a new middle name...

Lilyloo Fri 11-Sep-09 20:40:14


GoldenSnitch Fri 11-Sep-09 20:47:15

Charlotte could definitely be a contender, I'm just a little concerned that as our surname begins 'Lo' that it would sound weird together..too many lo's.

Niamh for a middle name maybe, it's too hard to spell for a first name. She'd get Neeve all the time...

gruber Fri 11-Sep-09 20:47:44


pippel Fri 11-Sep-09 20:56:34


GoldenSnitch Fri 11-Sep-09 21:03:01

Eva I like but my sister has already warned us that she has her heart set on Evelyn for her, as yet unconcieved, child so she might get a bit stroppy. She intends to use Evie as a nickname

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