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Middle names for Callum or Teagan

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LittleRascal Mon 22-Jun-09 21:19:30

Hi there
Due date approaching and still undecided. Would like Irish names so have kind of narrowed it down to a boy- Callum and a girl- Teagan
(Any other suggestions would be great!)

But what we are really stuck on is the middle names. any suggestions????

idobelieveinfairies Mon 22-Jun-09 21:49:43

We have some Irish names as DP is Irish...but also some English and welsh ( my side of family.

Our Irish ones are:


Our Callum is Callum Jake.

Good luck!

myjobismum Mon 22-Jun-09 21:56:42

I adore Irish names smile

Teagan was on our list - I loved Teagan Rose. Our top Runner was Caitlin Eve, but we called DD Naomi Caitlin in the end (obv Naomi is not irish at all lol)

As for a boy, our top runner was Declan Issac but I adore Callum! I love Callum Jake (as suggested by Idobelieve)

Other ideas :

Callum James
Callum Samuel

Teagan Jessica
Teagan Jade

Good luck with the birth and new baby when he/she arrives smile

LittleRascal Mon 22-Jun-09 22:17:20

That's good suggestions thanks! Love teagan jade- but best mate wants to call her one jade so can't sad. Love declan too- mmm never thought of that!! Always liked jake/jack so that would be nice!!

Saltire Mon 22-Jun-09 22:17:47

Is Callum Irish then? I always thought it was Scots and the Irish version is Colm. Must be worng.
Anyway I know a Calum james
Callum John
Calum Cameron
Callum Alexander

Thunderduck Mon 22-Jun-09 23:08:24

I believe you're right Saltire.

jellybeans Mon 22-Jun-09 23:21:39

I like Callum Jake too like the others! Also like...

Callum Zack
Callum Ross
Callum Joseph
Callum Luke
Callum Lewis
Callum Sean
Callum Tyler
Callum Finlay

Teagan Grace
Teagan Elouise
Teagan Alexa
Teagan Nicole
Teagan Sophie
Teagan Leonie
Teagan Skye
Teagan Charlotte

idobelieveinfairies Tue 23-Jun-09 09:35:36

Callum is Gaelic..originally scottish i think...but a irish saint bought the name to Ireland and so it became popular there...thats why its known as both.

ludog Tue 23-Jun-09 10:49:55

Girls Irish names;
Éabha (pronounced Ava)
Aoife (pronounced Eeefa)
Caoimhe (Kweeva or Keeva depending on where you're from!)

Boys Irish names;
Oisín ( pronounced Usheen)
Eoin/Eoghan (pronounced Owen)

LittleRascal Tue 23-Jun-09 11:13:12

thanks idobelieve- read that somewhere too!

DH loves Aoife and Oisin. I dont want to go as "traditional" irish as different spellings.
And i really like the idea of Fionn or Finlay or Finn as the middle name- short, 1 syllable and will go with our surname.

blinks Tue 23-Jun-09 13:58:58

Callum Ray

Teagan Faye

Saltire Tue 23-Jun-09 15:34:59

I liked Orla and Aoife as well, but Dh veteod them!

Reginamygina Tue 23-Jun-09 17:48:10

Oh you have re-ignited an old regret (although I doubt very much that you can re-ignite a regret, but nevermind)...

DD2 is Teagan and we completely forgot to give her a middle name < div emoticon> (well, it was so much hard work deciding on her first name, right before the registry office appointment, that when the registrar asked us for a middle name, an awkward silence filled the room: we had forgotten to chose one).

Will follow thread with interest (and bitterness wink)

LittleRascal Tue 23-Jun-09 18:57:27

regina- wink!what do people shorten your DD2 to? I love this name!!

blinks- cant do faye or ray but SO close to what I am looking for!!
this is getting exciting!

Reginamygina Tue 23-Jun-09 19:46:41

She mainly is Teags and Teagy. I call her Teagy Boo, and TeagTeag when she was a baby (my dad misunderstood and has been calling her TicTic for 3 years now smile). Her dad calls her The Steag, as a reference to his hero wink. Some of my mates call her The Teagster, which is quite funny.

One thing that really annoy me though is when people call her Teagunnn. I am forever correcting the ils and calling her TeagAn in front of them.

But great feedback from everyone in general. it's a great unusual name without it being too FIfitrixibelle-y, if you see what I mean.

LittleRascal Tue 23-Jun-09 20:07:22

grin at your dad!!!
I agree!!

blinks Tue 23-Jun-09 21:25:25

teagan maeve

callum euan

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