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Looking for a name for a third triplet.

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TripleBYPass Mon 13-Apr-09 19:03:36

If all girls we have decided upon Dolly and Hattie and would quite like the third name to be a "thing" something visual to match the other names but we're stuck as we're not too keen on Floral names (apart from Rosa)

I am posting for the first time on my friends log in and feel slightly cheeky that my first contribution is a question rather than a reply.

I will be checking this post later tonight and hope there will be some response. Thanks for reading.

willowthewispa Mon 13-Apr-09 19:34:07

I think it's a lovely idea Triple!

Rose/Rosa is nice, and I think Rowan is a great girls name too.

I know an adult called Emerald, unusual and elegant - Pearl is also pretty and less common than Ruby.

Olive, Skye, Willow, Robyn, Marina, Honey?

pointydog Mon 13-Apr-09 19:35:10

marina's good. Sea always good.

ScottishThistle Mon 13-Apr-09 19:35:48


SpaceTrain Mon 13-Apr-09 19:35:49

Carrie (as to Car, as Hattie is to hat)
Allegra (lol)


Rumpel Mon 13-Apr-09 19:39:48

Chequers - Joshua tree - the theme for boys is trees.

Saffron was my name of choice for no 2 if bubba was a girl - DH hated it though - I had a boy anyway smile DD is called Amber - gorgeous name.

chequersmate Mon 13-Apr-09 19:40:57

Thank you Rumpel!!!

(will small children be able to tell a bay tree from a rowan though, d'you think?)

pointydog Mon 13-Apr-09 19:41:16

Woody for a boy. What would that be a nickname for?

willowthewispa Mon 13-Apr-09 19:42:11

Penelope - Penny

conniedescending Mon 13-Apr-09 19:43:20

Dolores (Dolly)
Harriet (Hattie)


Catherine (Kitty)
Rosalind (Rosie)
Angelica (Angel)
Delilah (Lila/ Lily)
Bridget (Birdie)
Tabitha (Tabby)
Penelope (Penny)
Araminta (Minty)

Edward (Teddy) would be lovely if you had GGB

pooka Mon 13-Apr-09 19:45:10

How funny - I was also going to suggest Rowan as a girl. Have known male and female Rowans and think is excellent name.

JaquelinehydeAllTheEggs Mon 13-Apr-09 19:46:06

Annabelle or Isabelle (bell)

TripleBYPass Mon 13-Apr-09 19:46:57

woody! {embarrassed}

Thanks for the positivity, I had thought about easily telling them apart and even considered the whole peg thing too, how weird is that?Now my problem is there are too many to chose from. I am so surprised that I hadn't realised how many perfectly good names there were to choose from. I like so many already noted. I really like Pearl and Bee and the whole colour and Ruby/Violet thing.I think they go really lovely together.

ItsMargotBeaurEGGarde Mon 13-Apr-09 19:51:53

Dolly is not an appropriate name. Slang for a tit. You can not possibly do it.

I like Polly though. Polly, Hattie and Jeannie. In that vein. Or Elsa or Edie

Rumpel Mon 13-Apr-09 19:52:15

Magenta if you like the colour thing?

nooka Mon 13-Apr-09 19:52:34

Dolores, Harriet and Estelle (Stella) are lovely, so I would go with Stella as the third choice, with a doll, hat and star as their symbols. It is a pity that Dolores means sorrows, as I think the doll symbol is less nice than the other two (love the star, such a positive image). Hattie, Dolly and Stella sounds good to me. Although I can imagine Stellie being used in that context which isn't quite as nice.

I'm not so sure about the trees to be honest because they will be so much more obviously matched, and therefore a bit twee, and possibly a bit depersonalized, which can be an issue for multiples. Although Rowan and Joshua are not obviously associated with trees I guess (I'm not terribly keen on Bay personally - doesn't sound like a whole name to me).

willowthewispa Mon 13-Apr-09 19:53:48

I've never heard Dolly used as slang?

pointydog Mon 13-Apr-09 19:55:27

dolly is slang for tit?! Is it 'eck as like. Where do you live, margot?

ItsMargotBeaurEGGarde Mon 13-Apr-09 19:55:56

Well, dollies is boobs isn't it? or in MN parlance, Norks.

Dolly is a silly childish name for a doll. I can't believe anybody would be cruel enough to lumber a child with that name.

Joy, Teal, Storm, Skye, Amber all nice naturey thingy names.

pointydog Mon 13-Apr-09 19:56:37

I have never ever heard of dollies.

Do you mean puppies grin

TripleBYPass Mon 13-Apr-09 20:00:40

It is quite funny that you should mention Dolly as out of all of the names we have considered so far with friends and family that is the only name that hasn't received any negativity from my neck of the woods and luckily it doesn't mean TITS but it was my own grandmother and great grandmother's names so if I have a girl she will be called Dolores and therefore Dolly but thank you for pointing that out for me.

foxinsocks Mon 13-Apr-09 20:10:09

I think Dolores is fab. I have never heard Dolly being a name for a tit. How bizarre. In what context do people use it? Is it a northern thing? <blinkered larrndener>

Triple, when are you due?

pooka Mon 13-Apr-09 20:24:52

I've also never come across dolly as a word for a nork.

Am also blinkered suvvener.

tclanger Mon 13-Apr-09 20:33:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RUNFORLOVE Mon 13-Apr-09 20:38:03


CrackopentheBaileys Mon 13-Apr-09 20:45:56

Hi there, I have just been having a think about this one. I love your idea of the 'thing' names btw, very sweet!
So how about:

I am a big fan of the Kitty suggestion


Fanny wink

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