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sleepyhead3 Sun 05-Apr-09 18:48:13

Wondering about this name for a baby girl. I really like it but would she just be called 'dull' for short which is a bit of a rubbish nickname?!

noddyholder Sun 05-Apr-09 18:50:04

I know one and she is gorgeous and no one calls her dull!Only dulcie or dulce

traceybath Sun 05-Apr-09 18:52:08

I think its a lovely name.

moondog Sun 05-Apr-09 18:54:39

It's great.
'Dull, thing never occuredto me.

Nancy66 Sun 05-Apr-09 18:57:47

sounds like a shoe shop

MIAeatingeggs Sun 05-Apr-09 19:06:00

I know one and she is gorgeous, the name really suits her. Its a bit different but not too out there.

Chocolatedays Sun 05-Apr-09 19:09:20

I think it is adorable - and it was a much loved aunt's name, hoever my dh vetoed it. Hurumph.

totalmisfit Sun 05-Apr-09 19:12:56

lovely name.

MintyyAeroEgg Sun 05-Apr-09 19:17:30

Oooooooh yes that's absolutely lovely.

Chocolatedays Sun 05-Apr-09 19:20:55

Blimey - I don't think I've ever seen a positive response to a name on here. Quick, someone, restore the status quo..... (_rocking all over the world_ - thought I should before someone else did)

LetThemEatCake Sun 05-Apr-09 19:26:44

Um, sorry to be the sole dissenter. I think it sounds insipid and weak.

<<cringes and ducks>>

really sorry. Sure there are lots of nice girls/ ladies called Dulcie out there though and I like 'unusual' names that most people hate so don't listen to me.

screamingabdab Sun 05-Apr-09 19:29:01

It's pretty, but a bit too twee for my taste Sorry

Chocolatedays Sun 05-Apr-09 19:39:37

Phew. Normality resumed.

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 05-Apr-09 19:40:51

i really like it, but the 'dull' bit would worry me too.

could be shortened to cece, but i doubt it would pass the twee, insipid and weak test.

lottiejenkins Sun 05-Apr-09 19:44:29

Its my favourite name for a girl! Go for it!!! grin

blametheparents Sun 05-Apr-09 19:47:05

My niece is called Dulcie. It frequently gets shortened to Dulce, which I don't like very much.

blametheparents Sun 05-Apr-09 19:47:09

My niece is called Dulcie. It frequently gets shortened to Dulce, which I don't like very much.

totalmisfit Sun 05-Apr-09 20:24:18

it's not 'dull-cie'

it's pronounced 'dowlcie' (that's the nearest i can get to writing it phonetically on here.)

so 'dull' doesn't come into it.

PuppyMonkey Sun 05-Apr-09 20:25:54

Oh,Oh, I like it! I really do! I knew it would happen on MN one day.... congratulations!! grin

PuppyMonkey Sun 05-Apr-09 20:27:07

...although totalmisfit's post does cause me concern....dowlcie not so very nice imho.

blametheparents Sun 05-Apr-09 20:28:53

My niece's name is pronounced Dull-cie

franch Sun 05-Apr-09 20:29:30

dowlcie??? hmm Dunno about that but my niece is called Dulcie (pronounced DULL-cie!) - quite a nice name I think - becoming quite popular

totalmisfit Sun 05-Apr-09 20:29:49

that's an approximation. i'm just saying it's a long vowel sound not a short one, that is, it's not 'dull-cie' <approximates cut glass accent>

totalmisfit Sun 05-Apr-09 20:31:10

oh la-di-da grin

well each to their own, i'm just talking about my Aunt who's pushing 60 now and thats' how her name is pronounced. I prefer it personally.

blametheparents Sun 05-Apr-09 20:31:36

Pronounciation here

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