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Think you've decided on a name? Check out where it ranks on the official list of the most popular baby names first.

My friend just told me that BOTH my boys names are in the Top 10 most popular this year as written in the newspaper this week...

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2pt4kids Fri 09-Jan-09 18:00:42

I am not surprised at DS1's name being in the list, but thought DS2's would not be that popular!!

Think it might have been the Daily Mail this week.

Anyone care to guess what the names are? grin

Lauriefairycake Fri 09-Jan-09 18:01:23

Floomyfluff and Tarquand wink

tiredemma Fri 09-Jan-09 18:02:43


rubyslippers Fri 09-Jan-09 18:03:30

jack and william

DrowningInClutter Fri 09-Jan-09 18:05:01

Harry snd Oliver?

2pt4kids Fri 09-Jan-09 18:05:44

1 correct so far.... Drowning in Clutter.... DS1 is Oliver

DrowningInClutter Fri 09-Jan-09 18:05:56

Harry snd Oliver?

DrowningInClutter Fri 09-Jan-09 18:06:35

Sorry double posted, damn computer! Noah?

ClareVoiant Fri 09-Jan-09 18:08:34

oliver and rupert

mamadiva Fri 09-Jan-09 18:17:51

Is it one of these by any chance?

1 Jack Boy
2 Oliver Boy
3 Harry Boy
4 Alfie Boy
5 Charlie Boy
6 Thomas Boy
7 Joshua Boy
8 Daniel Boy
9 James Boy
10 William Boy

tiredemma Fri 09-Jan-09 18:19:19

both of my boys are in that list.

is that the top 10?

2pt4kids Fri 09-Jan-09 18:20:36

wow cant believe oliver is 2nd! he will have loadsof other olivers at school!

no, ds2 not on that list....

clue - his name is quite popular/often suggested on mn name threads....

2pt4kids Fri 09-Jan-09 18:21:31

must be a slightly different top 10 to the one in the paper this week

noonki Fri 09-Jan-09 18:26:04


mamadiva Fri 09-Jan-09 18:29:00

Yeah came off the dreaded BOUnty website just googled the list.

My DS is 17 in this pone which is a surprise as his name is very common!

HelenBurns Fri 09-Jan-09 18:29:05

Lee-Jay smile


mamadiva Fri 09-Jan-09 18:29:33

George? Liam? Daniel? Craig?

Lizzylou Fri 09-Jan-09 18:30:48


Piffle Fri 09-Jan-09 18:32:22

There are a lot of freddies around I notice and tobys too

herbietea Fri 09-Jan-09 18:34:49

Message withdrawn

LiffeyOink Fri 09-Jan-09 18:35:11

I have never come across an Alfie. Is that really in the top ten??? that one hasn't hit the shores of Ireland yet. ALl the others popular enough though.

Lizzylou Fri 09-Jan-09 18:36:48

We know a lot of Olivers, all around DS2's age (almost 3)DS1 is on the list, DS2 isn't on the list.
I think it depends on where you live, people are always saying "There are so many Harry's" and we know of only 1 in these parts

singyswife Fri 09-Jan-09 18:36:49

Is it Theo??

Froginmythroat Fri 09-Jan-09 18:41:11

Message withdrawn

2pt4kids Fri 09-Jan-09 18:51:03

DS1 is just 3 yrs. I guess thats a populare age for Olivers!

LizzieLou - prize goes to you.... DS2 is Edward!
We call him Ted though and apparently it was Ted that was listed in the top 10 rather than Edward..

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