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what is Tilly short for?

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helpivegottogivebirth Tue 18-Nov-08 09:28:57

Am i being gormless? I can't think of what is comes from.

Fiveplusbump Tue 18-Nov-08 09:29:24


SazzlesA Tue 18-Nov-08 09:29:38

Message withdrawn

Eniddo Tue 18-Nov-08 09:29:38

i know a tilly which is short for Natalie but it is often short for Matilda

2point4kids Tue 18-Nov-08 09:29:43

Natalie too

SazzlesA Tue 18-Nov-08 09:29:56

Message withdrawn

madlentileater Tue 18-Nov-08 09:33:12

Matilda, imo

MrsBadger Tue 18-Nov-08 09:37:32

or Tilda, like Tilda Swinton

helpivegottogivebirth Tue 18-Nov-08 09:40:48

brilliant - all nice names and a fab shortening. thanks for your help

RustyBear Tue 18-Nov-08 09:42:15

I know an Ottilie who is known as Tilly

Kathyis6incheshigh Tue 18-Nov-08 09:42:34

I know a Tilly who is really Elizabeth.

broguemum Tue 18-Nov-08 09:44:18

Also Chlothilde which I LOVE.

Vronsky Tue 18-Nov-08 21:37:12

Message withdrawn

broguemum Tue 18-Nov-08 21:52:17

chould well be.

Also a Gherman name (I think).

ScottishMummy Tue 18-Nov-08 21:57:01


dizzydixies Tue 18-Nov-08 22:00:49


MyNameIsThis Tue 18-Nov-08 23:10:26

It put me off using it, I love Matilda, I hate Tilly.

Humpdebump Wed 19-Nov-08 01:33:49

I heard it was from Matilda. Apparantly 'Tilly' was of common usage in the Deep Southern States of the US in the slave trading days. (I think the 'owners' gave the slaves their names). LOVE the name Matilda, its really cute.

QwertyQueen Wed 19-Nov-08 05:09:46

My gran was Thelma and everyone called her Tilly smile

Piffle Wed 19-Nov-08 06:23:42

Our gran was hilda and one grandchild was named Tilly in her honour

Bathsheba Wed 19-Nov-08 09:17:20

My friend Tilly is an Elizabeth

NicolaDrummond Wed 19-Nov-08 13:32:45

Add an R & O, and remove the I & Y and you get Troll. Tilly = Troll.

ScottishMummy Wed 19-Nov-08 18:09:58

shouldn't you be phoning a plumber instead of playing anagrams

CharleeInChains Wed 19-Nov-08 18:16:41

I didn't think Till was short for anything?

I was good friends with a girl who was just 'Tilly' it wasn't a nickname or a shortened version of her full name.

{FYI she happens to be the daughter of a famous fashion designer, and i went to her house!}

CharleeInChains Wed 19-Nov-08 18:17:38

Tilly not Till blush

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