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Cormac? we're not Irish

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chandellina Wed 23-Jul-08 19:13:49

this is about the only name DH and I both like. We are big fans of the American author, Cormac McCarthy.
we think Mac would be a cute nickname, and it goes well with DH's surname - Mitchell.
But we're not Irish, and it seems a pretty obscure name outside Ireland.

notjustmom Wed 23-Jul-08 19:14:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

watsthestory Wed 23-Jul-08 19:15:46

Message withdrawn

barbamama Wed 23-Jul-08 19:16:02

no, I have a Mac and know a Cormac and neither is Irish. Mac is really cute for a baby (but I'm biased)

Boobz Wed 23-Jul-08 19:16:15

I don't think it's an issue being outside Ireland, and I love the more unusual, under-used names. It's a strong name and Mac is a good nickname.

But Mac Mitchell? Not sure....

pointydog Wed 23-Jul-08 19:19:50

I like the name. If you're naming after the author, it doesn't really matter about origin, no?

TwoFir Wed 23-Jul-08 19:49:08

I like it

chandellina Wed 23-Jul-08 20:01:31

wow - positive feedback - whoo hoo!

boobz- i know it's not for everyone but we like the alliteration. in any case, that would be the nickname ...

LongLiveGreenElizabeth Wed 23-Jul-08 22:25:51

Why not? It's quite phonetic according to English alphabet too, and it has obviously travelled outside of Ireland now ..

I like it. It's strong, but not crazy. What does it mean/?

LongLiveGreenElizabeth Wed 23-Jul-08 22:26:37

Don't worry about alliteration. Gwynnie went with Moses Martin.

cheesesarnie Wed 23-Jul-08 22:28:24

cormac is a company here that lay roads.

GrinningGorilla Wed 23-Jul-08 22:29:48

I had a lad in my class in primary school with this as a surname, he wasnt irish either. Its a good strong name and not weird enough for him to be embarassed when he grows up!

LongLiveGreenElizabeth Wed 23-Jul-08 22:31:01

Never heard of that company, where is HERE?
but I know of a a Greg (sandwich shop Greggs), Adam (children's clothes shop Adams) and a Zara

pointydog Wed 23-Jul-08 22:51:40

Do you mean Tarmac?


Sophee Wed 23-Jul-08 22:52:57

You can't beat a bit of alliteration! My son has a name beginning with M which is combined with the surname Mitchell, and i love it.
Mac Mitchell sounds so cute...go for it!

chandellina Thu 24-Jul-08 09:27:14

thanks everyone. it would be such a relief to just make a decision. Baby is due any time now ...

sunnydelight Thu 24-Jul-08 10:55:37

Cormac is a lovely name (I am Irish though grin) and Mac is cute.

I do find it slightly odd when people choose the more obscure/sod to spell or pronounce Irish names without having any link - especially when they then mispronounce them!!! - but Cormac is fairly straightforward.

Turniphead1 Thu 24-Jul-08 11:15:27

and of course the highest prelate of the Catholic church in England is Cormac Murphy-O'Connor...

I love it.

katiepotatie Thu 24-Jul-08 11:18:15

Use it, i think it's great grin I would consider it if we had a boy, but it doesn't go with our surname sad

cheesesarnie Thu 24-Jul-08 20:23:42

sorry i ment i cornwall.they do road works etc.

funnypeculiar Thu 24-Jul-08 20:27:55

I know one (although his parents are Irish), so doesn't seem too obscure to me smile
Lovely name, & as others have said, an easy one phonetically - go for it!

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