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Boys Names!!!!!!

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rrrayray Sat 05-Jul-08 12:46:15

We haven't yet found out what we're having, but i have a feeling its a boy. unfourtunately we can't agree on any boys names, and have pretty girls names coming out of our ears.

Would like something uncommon, but not so unique that people can't spell it.

I'm keen on Caleb and Finlay, however other half not so keen and likes things like Bailey and Lewes hmm

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Nancy66 Sat 05-Jul-08 13:01:50

I'm in the same boat as you - completely clueless about boys names but have endless girls ones lined up. Sod's law it will be a boy.
i err on the side of tradition while the OH seems to like names that wouldn't sound out of place in a porno flick - Reef being his latest offering!

I'm not too keen on Caleb, but I like Finlay, prefer Finn even more though.

Your OH's suggestions are pretty awful, especially Bailey, which is a dog's name as far as I'm concerned.

if it helps. My boy's short list (am choosing to ignore OH's suggestions) are:

Rafael, Rafferty, Finn, Patrick, Johnny, Elijah

rrrayray Sat 05-Jul-08 13:15:16

Glad someone else has the same issues. Sodds law like you said, will be a boy!

That sounds awful- be over the moon with a boy, it just loooks like it will be a name-less boy.

I agree, i thought Baiely was A) girls name B) dogs name c) at best, as a boys name, hardly manly.

Love your list, think the only one OH would even consider is Finn.

Baby books don't seem to help, they are either things i dont want like Alex, thomas (nothing wrong with those names, just more common than would like) or things like Paco or can you believe it- jesus! i was gobsmacked to see that listed in the top 500!!

Good job i'm only 12 weeks and have a LONG time to mull it over!!

Hope you have more luck narrowing it down Nancy66 x

bikerunski Sat 05-Jul-08 13:31:45

Finlay/Finn definitely not unusual in my recent experience!

carrieon Sat 05-Jul-08 13:41:32

Rrrayray are you me??? We were going to call our first son Caleb, but then dh's cousin used it and said we couldn't shock but we had a girl anyway. Now we're expecting again, and Finlay is top of the list (Dh just likes Finn but I'm insisting on the full name, then being shortened). So, if this one's a boy it'll be Finlay Joel.
Dh has suggested (drum roll please...) Wilson and Wesley. WHAAAAAT???
As a matter of interest, what are your girls names? We've been debating between Jessica and Natalie, but now dh doesn't like either enough!

Collision Sat 05-Jul-08 13:49:00

Anth ony
Lia m

smile any good?

carrieon Sat 05-Jul-08 13:49:35

I should add, in answer to your original question, that other boys names I like are:

swampster Sat 05-Jul-08 14:03:45

At a SW London nursery I popped into about a year ago, out of about 25 names above pegs, five or six had Finlay or Finn above them. Still like the name though.

Squirdle Sat 05-Jul-08 15:04:31

DS2 is Caleb and it's a very cool name. Most people have heard of it, but it isn't a commonly used name. I have only ever met another at the park when a lady was calling 'Caleb' I wondered how she knew my sons name then found out her little boy was Caleb too. They followed each other around for ages calling each other 'Big Caleb' and 'Little Caleb' grin

reethi96 Sat 05-Jul-08 15:32:54

Finlay is my favourite and I also like Caleb. I don't like your OH's choices at all!

rrrayray Sat 05-Jul-08 21:07:29

carrieon Nope, I think i'm me but rather odd for sure!
We have girls names coming out of our ears
Lilliana- Mae (to be shortened to Lillie, but i wanted a fuller name)
And April.

Collision Whoa Thanks for such a long list of names! I really like some of them, but maybe i'm being silly being that its my first and i've never done this, but i sort of expected one to hit me like a bolt of lightening and i'm not getting that feeling about any names, even the caleb or Finlay i Already said i liked.

Swampster I had no idea it was So common. My main reason for liking it so much is that my father is Scottish, and Finlay is of scottish origin, but i have to say, being that its so popular, thats slightly putting me off. however, that said, i don't live in london- maybe its a reigional Favourite, as i don't know any finlays!

Thanks for everyone's ideas. I think OH has been demoted from even thinking of them- as his inputs are awful!!

Good job i have so long to find one!! xx

DeeDay Sat 05-Jul-08 21:16:20

Sound wierd but there are quite few Scottish and Irish islands with fantastic name ideas for boys. Get a map and have a look - you will be inspired!

BlueChampagne Mon 07-Jul-08 13:07:43

I've just put this on another thread, but I think it's too much fun not to suggest here too - Celtic names from Roman Britain:

bogie Mon 07-Jul-08 13:12:08

Ds is Justin
our other faves were...

greenelizabeth Mon 07-Jul-08 15:34:54

I like Caleb and although I do like Finley, I wouldn't describe it as unusual. If you're not afraid of a good bible name, I love Saul.

JordTyler Mon 07-Jul-08 15:50:25

hiya. DS1 is Jordan(only for boy IMO) DS2 is Tyler, emergency choice as OH wanted Ryan (hated it)

I went on the top 100 lists so i knew what i DIDN'T want.

A friends DS is Malacki (sp), and my cousin is Tabian, both different i think.

rosmerta Mon 07-Jul-08 16:06:00

This could be me as well! Have lots of girls names we like but hardly any boys names. When ds was born we literally just had to pick a name!

Having same problem this time around as well. So far we've got Connor, Liam & Ewan on a list.

Nancy, out of your list I like Patrick but then I'm biased as that's ds's name!

nickeldime Wed 16-Jul-08 16:31:58

Rrrayray, the name Bailey is dying out as a boy's name - check out:
boy name Bailey
girl name Bailey

Nancy66's suggestion of Finn sounds great as a boy name. For a girl, I would go for Fiona!

cyteen Wed 16-Jul-08 19:19:48


nooka Wed 16-Jul-08 19:29:23

You've got months to go yet. Stop worrying over it and something will come to you. Go to lots of films - credits are a good source of names. Or bookshops

Loriycs Sun 03-Aug-08 10:24:32

caleb has become very popular recently, was virtually unheard of when i considered it six years ago. Didnt choose it as thought it would always be pronounced the wrong way, but that wouldnt be a prob now. I still like it, but if you want something uncommon then its definately not for you.Dont like your husbands choices at all, neither Finlay sa it has a ring of Eastenders' Rickaaaaay' to it!!!

ten10 Sun 03-Aug-08 10:28:51

My favourite at the mo for a boy is


Loriycs Sun 03-Aug-08 10:33:20

Corin's nice, could be spelt Korin as well i suppose

hw2004 Sun 03-Aug-08 21:41:58

Caleb is nice. Finlay is nice but round here there are millions of them aswell. Also all the variants such as Finn, Finley, Finlay, Finbar, Flynn!!

noonki Sun 03-Aug-08 21:47:03

100's of finn's/finlays here

and evie's /ross / maes/ lilly's too !!

but popular doesn't mean bad!

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