Which rose?

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maryautumn Mon 05-Apr-21 00:21:03

Rose Alexandra
Rose Eleanor

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StellaVirgin Mon 05-Apr-21 00:22:19

Rose Eleanor 🌹

IamnotwhouthinkIam Mon 05-Apr-21 00:54:48

Depends on number of surname syllables and starting initial as both are nice but one might flow better with your surname (if based purely on which name I slightly prefer, then Eleanor).

DramaAlpaca Mon 05-Apr-21 01:06:53

Rose Alexandra

Prayingforamiricle Mon 05-Apr-21 10:04:23

Rose Eleanor ☺️

JemimaJoy Mon 05-Apr-21 10:11:27

Rose Eleanor

SirSamuelVimes Mon 05-Apr-21 10:12:02

Rose Eleanor. Gorgeous!

zigaziga Mon 05-Apr-21 12:25:55

Rose Eleanor, it’s beautiful

Edenember Mon 05-Apr-21 20:30:37

Rose Eleanor

ColonelPine Mon 05-Apr-21 20:33:34

Rose Alexandra

IndecentFeminist Mon 05-Apr-21 20:37:00

I'm not a massive fan of either middle name, but Alexandra flows better.

amarya Mon 05-Apr-21 20:51:37

Rose Alexandria

Synchrony Mon 05-Apr-21 22:50:58


LadyWithLapdog Mon 05-Apr-21 22:55:09

Rose Alexandra

letterstospring Tue 06-Apr-21 00:04:20

Rose Alexandra has a better flow, but I personally prefer Rose Eleanor.

daisydalrymple Tue 06-Apr-21 00:13:41

Dc3 would have been Rosie Eleanor if a girl, so whilst I lean towards Rose Eleanor, Alexandra is also beautiful. They’re both such gorgeous names.

KirstenBlest Tue 06-Apr-21 12:00:12


TatianaBis Tue 06-Apr-21 17:15:03

Rose Alexandra by miles. Eleanor reminds me of Eeyore.

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