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Jakub or Kuba?

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Snow0 Sat 02-Dec-17 01:23:30

Thanks smile

bramblina Sat 02-Dec-17 01:27:05

I didn't know it was a thing- the French teacher at my local school has a son whose name is Jakub and he gets called Kuba. Cute smile. Therefore I feel that Jakub is a real name and Kuba is a nn.

SuperBeagle Sat 02-Dec-17 01:27:22

Kuba as in Cuba? Like the country?

Jakub, but unless there is a reason for the Jakub spelling, you'd be better off spelling it Jacob as that's how everyone will assume its spelt.

Snow0 Sat 02-Dec-17 01:34:25

Kuba as in the known Polish (and other languages) NN smile

I thought it might be easier than Jakub.

DramaAlpaca Sat 02-Dec-17 01:36:22

The one I know is Jakub nn Kuba.

SuperBeagle Sat 02-Dec-17 01:42:04

But is it pronounced like Cuba?

I'm just thinking... from my perspective, Cuba and Jacob/Jakub don't have the same sound. But perhaps my pronunciation of Kuba is wrong?

DramaAlpaca Sat 02-Dec-17 01:43:39

It's pronounced Coo-ba, so different to Cuba.

Mrsknackered Sat 02-Dec-17 02:06:21

I'd do Jakub nn Kuba. Love it!

deptfordgirl Sat 02-Dec-17 06:39:43

Can't you use Jakub with Kuba as the nn? I live in a multicultural area and Kuba and Kubko are quite well known around here as nns for Jakub. Jakub/Jacob is lovely.

ChocolateCrunch Sat 02-Dec-17 06:48:46

Jakub, with the nn Kuba

sortingmyselfoutslowly Sat 02-Dec-17 06:56:18

The Polish name Jakub is pronounced 'Yakub' so will you be pronouncing it this way?

DandySeaLioness Sat 02-Dec-17 07:07:43

We have a Jakub at my school, everyone just calls him Jacob.
I think the longer version is a much better optionOP.

FrancisCrawford Sat 02-Dec-17 09:38:39

Jakob, with Kuba as an everyday shortening.

If you are pronouncing it “Ya-koob” it’s a clear signal the spelling won’t be “Jacob”

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