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For people who like Etta/Ettie

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EttiesDIL Wed 08-Nov-17 03:21:18

Seen a few posts where people have said they like the name Etta/Ettie. my MIL's name is Marhetti and her nickname is Etta/Ettie. Just wondred if that would be of use to anyone or perhaps it's completely grim grin

nooka Wed 08-Nov-17 03:36:02

Where is your MIL from EttiesDIL?

EttiesDIL Wed 08-Nov-17 03:40:47

She is from Scotland but I don't think it is a Scottish name. I think her family made it up....or at least they think they did!!

EttiesDIL Wed 08-Nov-17 03:49:54

I should just say, as this thread is a bit outing, that I don't think that the Marhetti is grim at all....I think it is a lovely name but I was just trying to be self-deprecating!!!

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