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Bleu Jay

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frinton Wed 18-Oct-17 13:16:52

Anyone watch GPs behind closed doors? The baby was Coco and I thought it was bizarre but the other daughter was BLEU JAY. Why Bleu? At least use Blue.

KoalaD Wed 18-Oct-17 14:55:38

Do people who use Bleu actually know how it's pronounced?

AfunaMbatata Wed 18-Oct-17 14:56:57

Cuz they be foolz yo’.

Lolimax Wed 18-Oct-17 14:58:20

I once knew a child called Jorry Bleu.

MacaroonMama Thu 19-Oct-17 13:25:18

A boy I used to teach called his son Amari-Bleu. Just... the pronunciation! Sounds like you are vomiting!

NikiBabe Thu 19-Oct-17 13:51:37

I watched an American documentary about women giving birth in prison.

One of them had a 5 year old Dazzling-Gayle and a 9 year old called Jayla-Chardonnay. hmm

Glumglowworm Thu 19-Oct-17 14:13:46


Choccyhobnob Thu 19-Oct-17 14:29:11

Dear god just no.

alib8592 Thu 19-Oct-17 15:44:57

My brother in law is called Bleu just pronounced Blue - weird hey! not a name i'd ever choose

PandorasXbox Thu 19-Oct-17 15:56:15

Sounds like a toilet cleaner!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 19-Oct-17 15:58:33

I knew a child called Suede. Weirdly it suited him.

ThaliaLuxurySpa Fri 20-Oct-17 06:36:16

French family ties, maybe? Coco and Bleu.

"Bleurgh" sound's not too wise if in UK, though, let's be honest.

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