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Phoebe001 Sun 01-Oct-17 21:42:50

What do you think of the name Natalia?

CoolCarrie Sun 01-Oct-17 21:45:25

I love Natalie and Natasha more than Natalia, it really depends on your surname tbh.

Santawontbelong Sun 01-Oct-17 21:47:29

Prefer Natalia as it makes people pronounce the 't' - unlike some versions of Natlee. . . that don't sound like Natalie at all!

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sun 01-Oct-17 21:48:18

Love it.

EmpressOfTheSpartacusOceans Sun 01-Oct-17 21:49:30

I like it.

Jakeyboy1 Sun 01-Oct-17 21:50:54

Love it it was on my short list. Always sounds a bit like a ballerina!

holidayqueriwifi Sun 01-Oct-17 21:52:44


WhiteHairReally Sun 01-Oct-17 22:03:23

Pronounciation might be an issue.

My DD had a 'Nat tal lee ur' in her class at school.

We now know a 'Nat tar lee ur'.

AuditAngel Sun 01-Oct-17 22:12:47

I also came on to mention pronunciation, as I know one of each too

littlechou Sun 01-Oct-17 22:25:00


SnowiestMountain Sun 01-Oct-17 22:34:29

Yep, lovely

Rhynswynd Sun 01-Oct-17 22:53:28

I know a Natalia. She is South American in origin. The name really suits her.
It is a lovely name

lindblum Sun 01-Oct-17 23:46:44

Talia/Thalia are popular names - if people can pronounce them, they can pronounce Natalia. It's a beautiful name.

Natalie and Natasha are very dated I think.

DiegoMadonna Mon 02-Oct-17 00:44:35

I like it a lot.

Holdinghand Mon 02-Oct-17 00:53:56

Like it, Prefer the British version of Natalie if I'm honest

Tuesday40 Mon 02-Oct-17 21:37:52


Phoebe001 Fri 06-Oct-17 11:09:40

Thanks ladiessmile Natalia it is! smile

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