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Robin/Robyn or Scarlet/Scarlett???

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AbbieS2017 Sat 01-Apr-17 21:00:45

Thanks smile

OddBoots Sat 01-Apr-17 21:02:14

Did you want help choosing between the names, between the spellings or both?

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sat 01-Apr-17 21:04:42

Scarlett is very nice.

Scrumptiousbears Sat 01-Apr-17 21:06:09

I have a Robyn and a Scarlett. Both my girls thoroughly suit their names.

smileygrapefruit Sat 01-Apr-17 21:07:08

Robyn slightly biased

AbbieS2017 Sat 01-Apr-17 21:07:26

Both please smile

smileygrapefruit Sat 01-Apr-17 21:07:42

Oops meant that to be slightly biased blush

MrsHughesCarson Sat 01-Apr-17 21:08:10


CleverQuacks Sat 01-Apr-17 21:10:34

I have a Robin (a boy) I love the name but would spell it with a y for a girl.

Yika Sat 01-Apr-17 21:13:37

Robyn is the loveliest overall. Scarlett if you're going for that option.

BumbumMcTumtum Sat 01-Apr-17 21:14:26

I love these names!
I would have Robyn and Scarlett.

Think my preference is for Robyn

Lugeeta Sat 01-Apr-17 21:16:54

Roybn (for a boy ) and Robin (for girl).

Scarlett only right spelling for a name!

SlaveToDisney Sat 01-Apr-17 21:20:30

Scarlett however might be very slightly biased.

Robyn is beautiful too

coldcanary Sat 01-Apr-17 21:26:31

Robyn and Scarlett are both lovely names.
Especially Robyn. We would have had that ourselves but it didn't go with the surname.

butterflycatcher Sat 01-Apr-17 22:11:27

Robyn is typically used as the spelling for a girl and Robin for a boy, so I would go with Robyn. And Scarlett is lovely too. Both very sweet names.

Palomb Sat 01-Apr-17 22:12:45

Robin Scarlet for me

Rockaby Sat 01-Apr-17 22:18:45

I love Robyn and Scarlett / Scarlet, (no preference at all for me re spelling). I very slightly prefer Scarlett / Scarlet to Robin / Robyn and like Letty as a shortening.

I think of Robin as the male spelling, but I do like it for a girl too.

Jooni Sat 01-Apr-17 22:24:06

Robin. It's more usually the male spelling but I much prefer it over Robyn for a girl too. Feels very dainty yet strong to me.

EmmaC78 Sat 01-Apr-17 22:33:58

Robyn. Lovely name.

Lemondrop09 Sat 01-Apr-17 22:38:30

Robyn for a girl

Definitely Scarlett. It looks more balanced and it's the way the majority of people spell it, so it will get written that way even if you spell it Scarlet (I know and Elliot who's named is constantly misspelled by people as Elliott)

ScarlettDarling Sat 01-Apr-17 22:38:54

Scarlett of course!

DramaAlpaca Sat 01-Apr-17 22:39:48

Robyn & Scarlett are the best spellings IMO.

ScarlettFreestone Sat 01-Apr-17 22:41:04



I also think Robyn is gorgeous though.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sat 01-Apr-17 22:47:07

Ah, sorry OP.
Robyn and Scarlett.

tovelitime Sat 01-Apr-17 23:03:47

I like Robyn. Scarlett is hideous,

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