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Opinions on Luiza?

(14 Posts)
LazzyLoo15 Fri 31-Mar-17 19:35:22

Thanks a lot!! We are really struggling to find a name for her!!

DevineByName Fri 31-Mar-17 19:43:43

I think Louisa is a prettier spelling.

EmpressOfTheSpartacusOceans Fri 31-Mar-17 19:48:38

Just googled. Apparently Luiza is the Polish / Portuguese / Romanian form. Is that right, OP?

KindleBueno Fri 31-Mar-17 19:48:56

Agree with Divine totally

TheBookIsOnTheTable Fri 31-Mar-17 19:49:01

I like it.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Fri 31-Mar-17 20:48:01

Prefer Louisa, beautiful name.

stickygotstuck Fri 31-Mar-17 20:51:02

Suspect the OP has good reasons to spell it like that, could have Portuguese or other family connections, so she probably wants to know what it looks like /sounds like generally in this country.

Then again I could be way off the mark, in which case as you were!

ClaryBeanHorshAndMe Fri 31-Mar-17 23:53:24

Well... Tbh, in my mind the name is spelled Louisa.

But I agree, I'm suspecting you have a reason for spelling it this way?

I think the name is really really lovely smile!!

Pemba Sat 01-Apr-17 05:49:02

Pretty name. I would spell it Luisa TBH, as I think the 's' looks softer, but maybe there's a cultural reason for spelling it with the 'z'. Anyway prefer both these spellings to Louisa (even though that's fine), somehow the English spelling gives the name a completely different vibe.

PetallyTyrants Sat 01-Apr-17 08:01:58

Louisa - very pretty.

LaCerbiatta Sat 01-Apr-17 08:04:33

In portuguese it's no longer spelled Luiza, it's Luisa smile

SweepTheHalls Sat 01-Apr-17 08:06:06

If you clearly have heritage that leads to a different spelling then lovely. If not, spell it the normal way smile

SaudadeObama Sun 02-Apr-17 10:58:24

In portuguese it's no longer spelled Luiza, it's Luisa

In Portugal perhaps but in Brazil it's very much still Luiza, I've never met a Luisa. Luis is becoming popular over Luiz though.

MaryTheCanary Sun 02-Apr-17 12:52:26

I would go with "Louisa" unless you have cultural background that makes it worthwhile to put up with the misspellings you will inevitably experience!

Nice name.

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