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Opinions on the name Sylvia Ray?

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namesstress2323 Sun 27-Nov-16 12:32:48

I personally am liking it , i think the ray makes it a bit happier and modern? any other suggestions welcome smile xx

EllenDegenerate Sun 27-Nov-16 12:49:39

I like it but then I'm a fan of Lana Del Rey and it reminds me of that.
Plus i have a Sylvie.

Good name 👍

birdybirdywoofwoof Sun 27-Nov-16 12:51:36

I love Sylvia (Plath fan!)

I think ray is today's mae and I'm not so keen. Sylvia Rachel however...

MrsMeeseeks Sun 27-Nov-16 12:52:27

Was just coming here to say that Ray/Rae is the new Mae/May, and for that reason, I would avoid it.

Sylvia is lovely.

Namechangeemergency Sun 27-Nov-16 12:54:20

I like it but think Sylvie Ray scans better?
I think I prefer Sylvie to Sylvia though so it might just be that.

birdybirdywoofwoof Sun 27-Nov-16 13:04:02

See I'm not keen on Sylvie ray sounds to me like a new kind of radiation.

Finola1step Sun 27-Nov-16 13:06:31

Sylvia is lovely. Sylvia Ray, not so much.

namesstress2323 Sun 27-Nov-16 13:08:40

come to think of it, it does

KlingybunFistelvase Sun 27-Nov-16 13:08:55

Love Sylvia, but not ma about Ray. It's ok though, just wouldn't be my first choice.

KlingybunFistelvase Sun 27-Nov-16 13:09:24

Should say "not mad about" sorry - typo.

leonardthelemming Sun 27-Nov-16 16:58:04

Ray can be used as a short form of Mireille, and you don't see many of those.

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