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griffinsss Sun 20-Nov-16 17:49:59

I don't know if I'm being ridiculous, but I'm having an obsession with the name Clint. My OH, hates it, but but loves Flint which I'm really not sure about.

Any thoughts on either name? What springs to mind? Know any children/people with the name? Know of any names similar?

Not currently expecting but OH and I are planning to ttc soon and usually have vastly differing tastes with names so we need to start thinking early....

QuiltedAloeVera Sun 20-Nov-16 17:51:47

Mr Eastwood and Captain Flint, the evil pirate from Treasure Island.

raviolidreaming Sun 20-Nov-16 18:03:42

Honest thoughts? That if you write Clint quickly and don't dot the I, that it doesn't look like Clint... sorry.

user1471521456 Sun 20-Nov-16 18:06:39


ineedamoreadultieradult Sun 20-Nov-16 18:10:55

Noooo not Clint!

Pyrrha Sun 20-Nov-16 18:11:36

Oh yeah ravioli had a good point, wouldn't have thought of that. I think flint sounds bit silly though. Do you like Kit or Winston, have the same syllable sound in them.

Heratnumber7 Sun 20-Nov-16 18:13:44

Clint is bloody awful. Clinton is marginally better. Flint isn't actually a name.

griffinsss Sun 20-Nov-16 18:22:43

I do like, Kit, thank you!

Joinourclub Sun 20-Nov-16 18:26:22

Clint is bad I'm afraid. And Flint is just odd. I like the suggestion of Kit. What about Flynn? Or Finn ?

griffinsss Sun 20-Nov-16 18:30:07

My OH's younger sons have animal names... he's not a fan of 'real ' names. My DDs have relatively popular/traditional-ish names (think Lucy, Maggie, Alexa, Louisa, etc).

I'm going off Clint by the second, especially as I really hate Clinton. Thanks for the responses.

MabelSideswipe Sun 20-Nov-16 18:37:10

There was a boy called Clint at my school. Its awful.

HeyhoSwashbuckleandgo Sun 20-Nov-16 18:51:07

Clint looks like cunt and sounds like clit...sorry blush

griffinsss Sun 20-Nov-16 19:06:37

heyho - two things I would never have considered if it wasn't for mumsnet. shock

Lenazabaglione Sun 20-Nov-16 19:09:40

Flint isn't actually a name.

Yes, it is. It's my son's name.

griffinsss Sun 20-Nov-16 19:22:51

Lenazabaglione - is Flint his full name? My OH will be thrilled to know that I've found someone who has actually used the name

BuntyFigglesworthSpiffington Sun 20-Nov-16 21:21:26

Clint reminds me of Clint Mansell. I do love his music.

Flint is a bit of stone and a depressed city in Michigan.

Joinourclub Sun 20-Nov-16 21:58:21

Oo animal names. What about Brock? Robin? Felix? Or other non names inspired by nature: River, Oakly, Sage, Heath,Brook,

Heratnumber7 Sun 20-Nov-16 22:42:40

Just because you've called your son Flint doesn't make it a name.

griffinsss Sun 20-Nov-16 23:08:02

Joinourclub - I love Felix but it's my brothers name (and he's only 6 so it wouldn't be like naming him after him, it would just be weird!) and it's quite similar to Fox my DSS's name. I also love Heath, but my family are French and would pronounce it more like 'eat' confused. Sage is lovely though, I'll run it passed OH.

Lenazabaglione Mon 21-Nov-16 08:50:01

Yes, it's his full name. No middle name. Accepted without question in the very small village we live in.

Just because you've called your son Flint doesn't make it a name.

According to who? You? What makes you an authority on names? I think you'll find that naming my son Flint or any other name I might have chosen DOES make it a name. The fact that the OP is considering Flint suggests that it already IS a name. It is unusual. It's not made up.

Pluto30 Mon 21-Nov-16 08:55:59

Clint is awful. Way too close to clit.

Flint is not a name. It's a stone. Or the Flintstones.

CoolCarrie Mon 21-Nov-16 08:59:30

Flint and Clint? Both bloody awful, especially Clint written on birthday cake!

Nataleejah Tue 22-Nov-16 20:59:42

Clint is cool (massive fan of Mr Eastwood here)
Flint is not bad either

hoddtastic Tue 22-Nov-16 21:17:01

both dreadful.

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