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Ayra - how would you pronounce this?

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Clebaby Sat 23-Jul-16 08:53:41

We love the name Ira for a girl but didn't want the association with IRA so are trying new spellings. Ayra is our favorite. But would you pronounce the "ay" part to rhyme with Isla or Layla? We also like Iyla and Eira as spellings but less so..

Graceflorrick Sat 23-Jul-16 08:54:46

What about Lyra?

BeautyGoesToBenidorm Sat 23-Jul-16 08:55:39

I'd pronounce it 'I-ra'. Bear in mind though, people may think you've misspelt 'Arya', the Game Of Thrones character's name - that's what I first thought when I opened the thread.

PenguinsAreAce Sat 23-Jul-16 08:55:50


Like Isla

WingMirrorSpider Sat 23-Jul-16 08:57:21

If pronounce it Ay-ra like the a sound in Ada.

BeautyGoesToBenidorm Sat 23-Jul-16 08:57:24

Eira is also a Welsh name, pronounced 'Ay-ra', not 'I-ra', so you may find yourself explaining that one too. I think you're going to run into problems with the alternative spellings you've suggested.

Lyra is lovely. Isn't Ira a male name?

KoalaDownUnder Sat 23-Jul-16 09:03:57

Same as Penguins.

Isn't Ira (pn Eye-ra) a boys' name?

Raines100 Sat 23-Jul-16 09:33:23

Read it as Arya first. When I realised, my thought was eye-ra.

WaitrosePigeon Sat 23-Jul-16 09:34:11

I have absolutely no idea.

Charitygirl1 Sat 23-Jul-16 09:36:14

Ira is a male, biblical name. But because it ends in 'a' people use it for girls!

IoraRua Sat 23-Jul-16 09:36:14

Ay to rhyme with hay for me.
It does seem a lot like Arya misspelled...

HelenaJustina Sat 23-Jul-16 09:36:42

I would read it eye-ra but think you would be better off with a similar alternative. I think of Ira as an American male name.

As a pp said Eira is a differently pronounced name in its own right.

Why not Isla? Or Lyra?

Charitygirl1 Sat 23-Jul-16 09:37:01

But if you really like it OP, it's my son's name, and the IRA thing never comes up.

Clebaby Sat 23-Jul-16 09:37:13

Thank you for your fast responses! We are on a deadline..
Ira is used as a male Jewish name but also equally so as female name in India. Plus we like gender neutral names so that isn't a worry.
Eira is Arabic/Welsh version which is both of our heritages but we think people would say "era".
I am worried people would confuse with Arya but GoT won't be around forever... maybe less so than the I.R.A :S who knows.
I do like Lyra too.
Iyra is most phonetic but has no meaning as is kind of made up.. but maybe we can keep Ira meanings that we love so much (peace, earth, wisdom/music Hindu goddess) or is that now how names work!

Clebaby Sat 23-Jul-16 09:40:19

*not how names work

DaisyFranceLynch Sat 23-Jul-16 09:51:09

I didn't think IRA at all when I saw Ira - my first thought was of Ira Gershwin.

I do think of it as a boys' name, but it's similar to names like Isla or Lyra or Iris so wouldn't sound out of place on a girl.

I'd pronounce the first vowel in Ayra like Layla rather than Isla, if that makes sense. The Ira spelling is probably the most straightforward to pronounce.

2nds Sat 23-Jul-16 09:54:42

I'm Irish and when I see Ira the first thing I think of is the IRA.

2nds Sat 23-Jul-16 09:56:01

BTW I think AYRA will be mispronounced and misspelled all the time, but if you are prepared to put up with that and love it go for it.

Clebaby Sat 23-Jul-16 09:59:48

We do like Lyra and Iris and Ida too! But she feels like an Ira is all. If IRA hadn't popped up in news again this year.. we are still pretty flexible but only days/weeks to decide. It's a tricky job, don't want to ruin her life!

FuminFecker Sat 23-Jul-16 10:01:17


Raines100 Sat 23-Jul-16 10:03:39

Had a quick Google and found a Spanish girl's name Aira pronounced Ira.

Clebaby Sat 23-Jul-16 10:37:59

Pretty! But that could also be "air - ah" like Sarah.
A few people think Eira is best alternative over on nameberry.
Should have done a nationwide pronounciaton poll...

BeautyGoesToBenidorm Sat 23-Jul-16 10:42:29

Aira is lovely, but again, pronunciation issues!

Baby names are a minefield (pronounced 'mi-neh-fee-el-dah' grin)! I really hope you settle on something you like, Clebaby smile

Wolpertinger Sat 23-Jul-16 10:47:30

Arya misspelled - think you and she will spend a lot of time saying how it is said/spelled. There will be a GOT generation of children's names smile

When I read it properly - Ay -rah.

TheUnsullied Sat 23-Jul-16 10:50:31

I'd stick with Ira personally. I didn't think of the IRA at all. But with the Ayra spelling, I did think you'd put Arya, which is going to be a very popular name right now, what with Game of Thrones (and possibly PLL). That would end up far more annoying to me than the rare occasions someone might think of the IRA.

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