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Final 2 names....votes

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dabchick88 Sat 02-Apr-16 15:32:35

So after much deliberation we have narrowed our choice down to 2 names:
John or Murray?
Both have family connections and the middle name would be a surname from OH family followed by our own surname.

Winterdaisy Sat 02-Apr-16 15:52:47

John especially with a surname as a middle name. John is a proper tradition boys name.

RortyCrankle Sat 02-Apr-16 16:03:48

John for the reasons given by Winterdaisy

lilone1234 Sat 02-Apr-16 16:09:55

John. Murray feels like a surname to me so I think his name could seem like 3 surnames otherwise!

Vixxfacee Sat 02-Apr-16 16:10:59

John is just so boring. I know it's a family now but John just says no effort.

Sophronia Sat 02-Apr-16 16:39:06

Definitely John, I love it.

pilates Sat 02-Apr-16 17:51:49


LolaStarr Sat 02-Apr-16 18:17:37


scotsgirl64 Sat 02-Apr-16 18:21:52

Murrays a brilliant name.....v strong name.....I had a friend at Uni called Murray ( he's now a surgeon)

Quercus3 Sat 02-Apr-16 18:55:50


Laquila Sat 02-Apr-16 19:00:26

I like them both but I think it sort of depends how "surnamey" the middle name is, and how many syllables in that and your surname.
I'm don't think John says no effort - just because it used to be a popular name it doesn't mean that people now can't like it, or want to use it for family reasons.

chocolatecheesecake Sat 02-Apr-16 19:03:55

John. 3 surnames in a row would be too much

celtiethree Sat 02-Apr-16 19:06:11

Murray, John is dull

MamaLazarou Sat 02-Apr-16 19:06:17

So hard to choose, I love them both.

I'd go with John, for the reason chocolatecheesecake has given.

sonlypuppyfat Sat 02-Apr-16 19:06:36

John, is my very very favourite. One was my first love

BeaufortBelle Sat 02-Apr-16 19:08:15

I think John is due a comeback and is much nicer than its trendy diminutive Jack.

BeaufortBelle Sat 02-Apr-16 19:09:07

Interestingly FIL and his brothers were: John, Murray, Douglas.

Itinerary Sat 02-Apr-16 19:40:54


AliciaMayEmory Sat 02-Apr-16 19:41:54

Murray by a long shot!

DontKillMyVibe Sat 02-Apr-16 19:52:35

John is boring IMO so on that basis I'd go with Murray

BoboBunnyH0p Sat 02-Apr-16 19:56:29

Prefer Murray to John. Murray is strong and unique sorry but John is just boring.

BatmanLovesLarry Sat 02-Apr-16 19:57:12

John - classic, but not common

BettyBi0 Sat 02-Apr-16 20:04:18

Murray is great! In fact both are good as you don't hear them ever for toddlers. I would 't let the surname as middle name put you off Murray as people never use middle names

TenThousandSpoons Sat 02-Apr-16 20:19:45

John - great, strong name smile

CPtart Sat 02-Apr-16 20:19:49


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