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Which is your fave?

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iscreamicecream Mon 16-Nov-15 20:33:43


It seems I like names ending in 'A'??

SophieUnderwood Mon 16-Nov-15 20:34:24

I also love girl names ending in a! Isabella is my fav smile

ashesandfire Mon 16-Nov-15 20:51:28

Rosa or Matilda.
Prefer Georgina to Georgia.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Mon 16-Nov-15 20:53:31


Oysterbabe Mon 16-Nov-15 21:00:14

Rosa here too.

Mummamayhem Mon 16-Nov-15 21:01:44

Rosa! What about Ada?

Kim82 Mon 16-Nov-15 21:02:31

Orla. I love it.

MrsBungle Mon 16-Nov-15 21:03:47

Orla and rosa

messystressy Mon 16-Nov-15 21:12:56

Matilda or Georgia

TheComforter Mon 16-Nov-15 21:14:53


ragged Mon 16-Nov-15 21:22:41

Isabella. I quite dislike all the others.

WanderingTrolley1 Mon 16-Nov-15 21:23:17


SanityClause Mon 16-Nov-15 21:27:13

Of those, I like Rosa and Orla.

The others have all been very popular for the last 15 to 20 years, so may soon seem a bit dated.

ruthsmumkath Mon 16-Nov-15 21:28:01

Matilda (Tilly) and Orla (dd2 is Orla)

EliGold Mon 16-Nov-15 21:54:00

I absolutely love all the names on your list (unhelpful I know). My favourite is Rosa.

IoraRua Mon 16-Nov-15 22:02:16

Orla by a mile. Followed by Rosa.

Matilda, meh.
Isabella - way too many of em.
Georgia - pretty, not as nice as the top two.

Theresomethingaboutdairy Mon 16-Nov-15 22:06:46

Isabella first and then if I had to pick another,Georgia.

Purplerain067 Mon 16-Nov-15 22:10:43

Rosa and Orla are beautiful smile

DramaAlpaca Mon 16-Nov-15 22:21:52

Orla & Rosa

TempsPerdu Mon 16-Nov-15 22:30:51

Another vote for Rosa here!

Sophronia Mon 16-Nov-15 23:05:52


CakeRattleandRoll Tue 17-Nov-15 01:35:49


ExBallerina Tue 17-Nov-15 01:36:30


eatpuddingdrinkwine Tue 17-Nov-15 10:55:24

Isabella popular but very lovely

MyNewBearTotoro Tue 17-Nov-15 11:05:43

Rosa is beautiful. I also love Matilda.

Isabella has also always been a name I love but I'm put off by how popular it (and all the various variants of Isabelle) is.

I'm not keen on Orla at all. Georgia is okay but not as nice as the other three in my opinion.

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