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What do you think of these names for a girl? Honest opinions!

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emilyapplegate93 Wed 15-Jul-15 10:31:31

Hiya everyone! My partner and I have been round and round in circles over a name for our baby girl due in November! The surname will be Brook, what's your honest opinions on these names please ??!

Myla Rae Brook
Lila Rae Brook

Myla Beau Brook
Lila Beau Brook

Any other ideas/suggestions around these names are welcome!

Emily smile xx

sweetpeame Wed 15-Jul-15 10:35:18

Myla and Lila are both fine as names, not really my taste but perfectly fine. I think I prefer Lila. I dislike both of your middle names, Beau is particularly bad IMO. The only person I ever came across with this name was an overweight, American man. But I'm of the opinion that middle names are completely irrelevant as she'll probably never use it so it doesn't really matter IMO.

Only1scoop Wed 15-Jul-15 10:38:05

Lila is ok

Rest dislike

BadHenry Wed 15-Jul-15 10:45:41

Lila is nice (also Leila). But Myla is not really to my taste (maybe because it reminds me of Mylene Klass!?). I prefer Mia or Mila.

Really not keen on Rae or Beau I'm afraid. They just don't seem like proper names to me. More like sounds (but I suppose that could be said about many names!).

CitronVert Wed 15-Jul-15 10:48:20

Prefer Lila to Myla I think.

Beau is a boy's name - the masculine form of Belle. What about using Belle instead?

PoppyBlossom Wed 15-Jul-15 10:51:40

Not my cup of tea, Myla reminds me of those cosmetic surgery ads that pop up on webpages. And I prefer leila/Layla to lila but that's just personal preference.

The middle names seem a bit daddy too, but you have a really strong surname that would work with most names.

PoppyBlossom Wed 15-Jul-15 10:52:20

Seem a bit faddy that should have said.

swimmerforlife Wed 15-Jul-15 10:56:07

Beau is masculine, mean handsome in french. Belle is the feminine form meaning beautiful in french. Or there is Bo which is the feminine spelling of Beau. (If that makes any sense..)

Not fussed on either of the first names.

LifeIsBetterInFlipFlops Wed 15-Jul-15 10:56:11

All really dreadful, sorry.
Rae is awful, Beau is a boy's name and I really don't like the first names either.

FauxFox Wed 15-Jul-15 11:00:33

Not that keen on Myla, lila is ok...other short names ending in a I like are:


emilyapplegate93 Wed 15-Jul-15 11:01:17

Think I could be in need of a re think !! I love the name Lila, he prefers Myla. I always wanted a middle name as Brook is so short on it's own!

I definitely appreciate the honesty though !! Any ideas on better middle names? smile x

RiverTam Wed 15-Jul-15 11:02:10

Lila is pretty. Rae is a surname. Myla is too close to Myra (Hindley) for me. And Beau is masculine.

chandelierswinger Wed 15-Jul-15 11:03:42

How about using your name as a middle name? Or another female name from your family? Middle names are rarely used day to day, but can bring a link to someone special.

chandelierswinger Wed 15-Jul-15 11:05:25

Sorry meant to say you could also choose a longer middle name. I have a single syllable surname and DCs have three syllable middle names

JaneAustinAllegro Wed 15-Jul-15 11:07:58

Beau is a man's name
Myla is a high end knicker shop

PipAndPosey Wed 15-Jul-15 11:08:22

How about Beatrice (Bea) as a middle name?

There is both a Lily Rae and a Lily Grace at our sons nursery!

ShipShapeAhoy Wed 15-Jul-15 11:08:42

Lila pronounced to rhyme with Myla I like. Personally I'd go with a more traditional and longer middle name, like Elizabeth, Katherine or Victoria.

emilyapplegate93 Wed 15-Jul-15 11:08:47

That's a good idea! Not sure on Lila Emily Brook... but the three syllable thing seems to flow nicely. :D

reuset Wed 15-Jul-15 11:39:17

Mila, this spelling, would be my preferred choice here. Not keen on the other names.

Also, for similar


Sophronia Wed 15-Jul-15 12:00:52

I like Lila. Agree that a longer middle name would be good.

MitzyLeFrouf Wed 15-Jul-15 12:30:02

I like Lila and I like Rae. I wouldn't put the two together though, sounds a bit Alabama hillbilly.

CPtart Wed 15-Jul-15 13:31:43

Lila is ok.. ish
Myla sounds made up and Beau and Rae are just awful. How about Faye instead of Rae as a middle name.

manicinsomniac Wed 15-Jul-15 13:49:41

I like both Lila and Myla but actually much prefer Myla - I think it's lovely.

Really dislike Beau. I think I'd go with Myla Rae from your list.

Similar names:
Lana, Lara, Lena, Lyla, Lyra, Lola, Leah, Lacey, Lexi, Lois, Laura, Layla, Livia

Mila, Mala, Mira, Mia, Maia, Maya, Myra, Martha, Mary, Maggie, Maisie, Macey, Miley, Marley, Marnie, Mona, Mina

Ayla, Arya, Anya, Alba, Aya, Ada, Ava, Asha, Asia, Aliya, Amy, Anna, Anika, Bella, Briar, Cara, Clara, Ciara, Clea, Cleo, Cora, Cassia, Dana, Daria, Diya, Dora, Emma, Erica, Elsa, Etta, Enya, Eva, Ella, Efa, Freya, Flora, Farrah, Fabia, Gia, Gina, Giana, Hanna, Isla, Ida, India, Jayla, Jada, Julia, Katya, Kya, Kia, Kyra, Kiki, Kaya, Nia, Nyah, Nora, Nina, Nadia, Orla, Pippa, Priya, Pia, Rosa, Ria, Raya, Raina, Sara, Stella, Sylvia, Sasha, Sienna, Sierra, Serena, Tia, Tyra, Tanya, Tessa, Tara, Una, Veda, Viola, Willa, Wanda, Zia, Zara, Zillah

Artandco Wed 15-Jul-15 13:57:20

Longer names work better into with short surname

Have you considered :
Liliana Brook (lila/ lily as nickname)
Lilian Brook

Amelia Brook (myla or lily nickname)

Lila Penelope Brook
Lila Saskia Brook

Mila Emmeline Brook

NadiaWadia Wed 15-Jul-15 15:28:00

Lila (or Lilah) is lovely. Myla is nice enough, but Mila would be lovely.

Rae is OK, quite neutral really, but Beau is horrendous! Please don't use this, it's a male name really (the male word for 'beautiful' - the female word would be 'Belle').

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