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isabelle and arabella

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BeautifulStars93 Mon 01-Jun-15 21:23:51

Discussing names with Fiance.
Isabelle is my eldest she goes by Izzy and corrects most people that call her anythinf else.
we have Eliza who goes by Eliza.
could we have an Arabella who would go by Bella?

bakingtins Tue 02-Jun-15 10:03:55

Too similar. Why does she have to have a name that's a version of one of her sisters' ?

fleurdelacourt Tue 02-Jun-15 11:32:17

too similar IMO - although we do know one family with Isabella and Gabriella so clearly it worked for them?

KittyMcVitie Tue 02-Jun-15 14:29:41

I don't see why not. Most people wont realise that their full names are a bit similar if they go by Izzy and Bella. If you dd was Isabella then it would be too close, but to me Isabelle doesn't sound like Arabella. I used to know sisters called Christine and Tina and I only recently realised that they technically have the same name!

YankieDandle Tue 02-Jun-15 19:23:36

No it sounds really silly and you can't hide their names behind nn's so nobody ever realises what you've done.

Plenty of names out there to chose from, how about Araminta?

minandensommerhus Tue 02-Jun-15 21:20:02


What about Christa (But not Christabel)
Or Ismene or Isadora

MagentaVitus Tue 02-Jun-15 21:30:22

Too much Belle.

I knew twins called Mirabel and Isobel at school. They were nicknamed 'The Bell Ends'.

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