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Help with a classic middle for baby boy Luca

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Kellygatt Wed 31-Dec-14 21:17:25

Naming our baby boy Luca. He is due in a few weeks. Any suggestions for a middle? Was thinking of using a classic like Oliver, Andrew, Benjamin, John, ect. Any opinions on the above , or any suggestions would be great!!

SoftKittyWarmKitty Wed 31-Dec-14 21:22:15

James? Luca James flows nicely!

SoftKittyWarmKitty Wed 31-Dec-14 21:22:56

Or Joseph - Luca Joseph?

Happypiglet Wed 31-Dec-14 21:25:27

Alexander... I have a Luke Alexander flows nicely I think!

bumpiesonamission Wed 31-Dec-14 21:28:42

I felt James when I read the title. Luca is a beautiful name

snice Wed 31-Dec-14 21:30:23

James was my first thought too

myotherusernameisbetter Wed 31-Dec-14 21:32:00

Out of your options I like John the best.

Luca Frances
Luca Daniel
Luca Nathaniel

Sophronia Thu 01-Jan-15 00:55:01

Luca David
Luca Edward
Luca Gregory
Luca Henry
Luca Jonathan
Luca Matthew
Luca Dominic
Luca Philip
Luca Michael
Luca Charles
Luca Robert
Luca Samuel
Luca Arthur
Luca Thomas
Luca Nicholas
Luca Peter
Luca Stephen
Luca Theodore
Luca William
Luca Frederick
Luca Anthony
Luca Patrick

VirginiaPosh Thu 01-Jan-15 00:59:58

Definitely James, I have a Luca James smile

babyblabber Thu 01-Jan-15 07:32:27

My bump was going to be Luca Thomas but recently found out it's s girl. Love the name Luca, so much I may be tempted to go for no.4!

Kellygatt Thu 01-Jan-15 13:02:15

Thank you all for the replies! I agree that Luca James is beautiful, it's just that I had an uncle called James that I didn't particularly care for. Maybe Luca Robert (as Robert was my beloved grandfathers name ). How about Luca William??

Purpleflamingos Thu 01-Jan-15 13:06:10

Luca Frederick? I agree with Luca James suggestions too but George, Henry, Frederick and Samuel would work too.

Purpleflamingos Thu 01-Jan-15 13:06:53

Luca Robert doesn't work for me but Luca Albert does.

Eminybob Thu 01-Jan-15 13:15:40

I was going to say Luca William.

Arriettyborrower Thu 01-Jan-15 13:36:26

I have a Luca James too! Shame it doesn't work for you.

Hmmm Luca Henry? Luca Samuel?
Luca William is nice

Belazu84 Thu 01-Jan-15 14:09:36

Luca William is so lovely! I also like Luca Benjamin or Luca George. Luca Robin for a variation of Robert?

Kellygatt Thu 01-Jan-15 17:05:33

Luca Henry sounds great! As well as Luca William. Luca James really sounds wonderful, I may have to get over the association with the mean uncle, haha

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