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blondebun Mon 08-Dec-14 14:01:09

Yay or nay. Middle name will be Noor as hubby is Indian.

gymboywalton Mon 08-Dec-14 14:01:45

daria is the nicest

shakemysilliesout Mon 08-Dec-14 14:07:08

How do u say dahlia?

I like Thalia the best.

blondebun Mon 08-Dec-14 14:10:58

Dar (rhymes with jar) Lee-AH

Riverland Mon 08-Dec-14 14:12:01

I love the name Talia.

I don't at all like the others.

AuntieStella Mon 08-Dec-14 14:15:38

Lots of people will pronounce it Daylia (like the flower) and I wouldn't want to use a name if I had to correct the pronunciation all the time (but perhaps that wouldn't bother you).

I'd go for Thalia from those three.

blondebun Mon 08-Dec-14 14:19:17

What do you think of the middle name? I didn't like it to begin with but it has since grown on me. (it has has beautiful meaning for dp)

blondebun Mon 08-Dec-14 14:22:58

I loved Raina. But dismissed it as I'm not keen on Raina Noor Dhillon (surname pronounced Dylan)

Fallingovercliffs Mon 08-Dec-14 15:05:39

I like Thalia the best (but mainly because it reminds me of Antonia Forest's Marlow series).

minipie Mon 08-Dec-14 16:02:56

I like Daria best I think.

Thalia I like but if you have Indian heritage, it might be a bit too much like thali? Talia maybe better?

Dahlia is ok but will be pronounced Daylia by a lot of people.

Noor is lovely.

Sophronia Mon 08-Dec-14 16:19:01

I like Thalia the best.

shakemysilliesout Mon 08-Dec-14 17:15:45

I first said daylia rather than dahlia when I said it. Sorry!

Raina has been ruined by Nashville for me- all I see is cowboy boots! Ignore me though as its not a massive show.

MrsMarigold Mon 08-Dec-14 17:21:50

Daria - a bit dingos ate my baby - sorry
Thalia - ok
Dahlia - why not say it like the flowers

BonnieWeeJeannieMcCall Mon 08-Dec-14 23:05:09

I love Daria.

I'd pronounce Dahlia as Day-Lee-Ah.

sunflower49 Mon 08-Dec-14 23:07:02

Dahlia reminds me of the black Dahlia. But It's a lovely name.

I like Thalia best.

Daria I do not like, makes me think of the TV series.

BlueStarsAtNight Mon 08-Dec-14 23:18:03

I'm not a fan of alliterative names so wouldn't go for Daria or Dahlia. I think Thalia is my favourite anyway, though I'm not sure if it's meant to be Tal-ee-a or Tar-lee-a

Beangarda Tue 09-Dec-14 23:41:32

Like a pp, I like Thalia because of Tim Keith in the Kingscote books, but perhaps worth pointing out that this character is bedevilled people mishearing her name when they hear it for the first time and thinking she is called 'failure'...

CariadsDarling Tue 09-Dec-14 23:49:51

Noor is lovely and its for both a boy and girl.

Its very similar to my granddaughters name which is Noora.

The other names all sound very nice but I would go with Dahlia.

HollyBdenum Wed 10-Dec-14 00:01:00

I love Thalia, but there are so many disagreements about to pronounce it. Which version are you considering?

CariadsDarling Wed 10-Dec-14 00:07:24

Blondebun are you familiar with this song

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