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Niamh or Neve?

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seashell81 Fri 14-Mar-14 12:42:25

This is high on my list if bump is a girl and i'm just wondering which written form people prefer. Would Niamh cause problems with pronounciation (we do not live in Ireland)? Also if you know any other spellings for the name please let me know

EyelinerQueen Fri 14-Mar-14 12:43:26


Neve is awful awful awful awful. A completely made up spelling.

If you're going to use an Irish name then spell it properly. Otherwise don't use it.

AFishCalledBarry Fri 14-Mar-14 12:44:18

Niamh. Definitely. It's beautiful smile

Middleagedmotheroftwo Fri 14-Mar-14 12:44:31


CorusKate Fri 14-Mar-14 12:45:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NigellasDealer Fri 14-Mar-14 12:46:17

niamh defiinitely

MrsBungle Fri 14-Mar-14 12:46:28


tilbatilba Fri 14-Mar-14 12:48:05

both awful

Raxacoricofallapatorius Fri 14-Mar-14 12:48:54


Mumof3xx Fri 14-Mar-14 12:50:17


It's fairly common these days I don't think spelling or pronunciation would be an issue

plum100 Fri 14-Mar-14 12:50:18

I know a couple of Neve's - one whose mother is Irish herself. i also know a Neave. I would say its personal choice - just because others think its awful - not their baby! Plus sure no one would be rude enough to say its awful once shes born.

TheScience Fri 14-Mar-14 12:50:44

I think Niamh has become popular enough outside Ireland that the correct spelling won't cause too many problems - similar to Siobhan, Roisin, Sinead.

holidaysarenice Fri 14-Mar-14 12:51:39

Niamh or we will all silently snigger at you behind our hands.

EyelinerQueen Fri 14-Mar-14 12:51:50

I agree TheScience. It's extremely popular in the UK right now.

I don't think spelling it correctly would cause any problems.

Finbarfinbo Fri 14-Mar-14 12:54:38


squoosh Fri 14-Mar-14 13:28:04

They're pronounced differently.

affinia Fri 14-Mar-14 13:30:55

I would go with Neve or another name people can generally spell. After 43 years am sick of spelling my name.

Think Neve is pretty anyway.

seashell81 Fri 14-Mar-14 15:17:46

Hehe, thanks for your responses - they make an entertaining read - some strong opinions here ;-)

grizzabellia Fri 14-Mar-14 16:07:54

definitely Niamh - the name loses all its charm of spelled wrongly.

seashell81 Fri 14-Mar-14 16:16:58

I agree Niamh is prettier.

bouquetofpencils Fri 14-Mar-14 17:57:52

Niamh. I think it is well known enough for most people to know how to spell it.
But Neve is nice too.

aoife24 Fri 14-Mar-14 18:45:00

Not under any circumstances should you use Neve. It turns a beautiful name into something ugly.

FrumiousBandersnatch Fri 14-Mar-14 22:17:11

I thought that Neve was pronounced to rhyme with 'bev'? That's certainly how Neve Campbell from the Scream films pronounces it...

popterryvent Fri 14-Mar-14 22:43:09

I know one of each. Lovely name. I do prefer the spelling Neve though.

onthehill Fri 14-Mar-14 22:54:02

Niamh. It's an Irish name, Irish spelling, also agree that most non irishers (me included) are familiar with it. Our friend Niamh who IS Irish also seems to add a sort of 'Neeyuvv' lilt to it, which is lost with Neve.

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