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Emilia or Emelia?!

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Tea1Sugar Wed 26-Feb-14 19:37:31

Which spelling?! We've been set on Emilia but I've just seen Emelia spelling and I wonder if that'll dispel the mispronunciation of Emma-Lea which we really dislike.

Alisvolatpropiis Wed 26-Feb-14 19:40:57


Emelia just looks like Amelia with an E instead.

I know it's a legitimate variant spelling but aesthetically, that's how it looks.

EirikurNoromaour Wed 26-Feb-14 19:53:11

Emilia. You could call her Amelia and avoid the Emily pronunciation, they sound quite similar.

TheScience Wed 26-Feb-14 19:55:35

Emilia or Amelia.

Bowlersarm Wed 26-Feb-14 19:55:43

Do you think you will shorten it at all?

Tea1Sugar Wed 26-Feb-14 20:44:36

Nn Emmy. I want Emilia, dp is arguing for Emelia. Grr.

Bowlersarm Wed 26-Feb-14 20:47:42

If you are going to call her Emmy, I don't think it matters which version, if you wanted to call her either Millie or Melie, then it matters.

EirikurNoromaour Thu 27-Feb-14 09:04:45

What about emmeline?

Bunbaker Thu 27-Feb-14 09:06:41

I have never come across the Emelia spelling before and would just assume it was a spelling mistake.

DrankSangriaInThePark Thu 27-Feb-14 09:07:48

I would assume they had different pronunciations.

Em-ee-lia / Em-ay-lia

momb Thu 27-Feb-14 09:08:41

It's the feminine version of Emil.

Driveway Thu 27-Feb-14 10:11:14

Emilia. Emelia looks wrong.

Tea1Sugar Thu 27-Feb-14 16:55:50

I agree. Gonna stick with Emilia.

winterhat Thu 27-Feb-14 22:09:51


BrunoBrookesDinedAlone Sat 01-Mar-14 00:44:56

Emilia. Emelia- I would assume that you couldn't spell it.

Tea1Sugar Sat 01-Mar-14 17:15:26

We're sticking with Emilia smile Glad the mn jury agree!

haleyalannahxo Sat 01-Mar-14 18:18:06

Glad you went with Emilia, I was about to say that I prefer that to Emelia smile Emelia looks like a typo of Amelia to me, haha.

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