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Charlotte Rose!?

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DonDrapersAltrEgoBigglesDraper Thu 18-Jul-13 10:17:57

Charlotte is lovely.

My opinion on Rose as a middle name has been proffered on many a name thread. I don't think it needs repeating. wink

Clouise1626 Wed 17-Jul-13 21:26:24

Yeh i certainly dont know any charlottes where im from, although i must admit i love isabella but it is too popular at the moment. As for sex and the city, i am a fan but even i didnt notice that so i would assume only hardcore fans would see the connection! Hehe!

WeAreSix Wed 17-Jul-13 20:25:31

Beautiful smile But biased as I have used those names too!

My DD Charlotte is one of two Charlottes in her school of 600 ish students. My DH teaches in a school with 950 students and only one Charlotte.

My Charlotte refuses all NNs, but would prefer Lottie if she had a NN.

Lily & Lottie sounds like the title of a children's book smile

Bluestocking Wed 17-Jul-13 20:23:32

There's a Charlotte Rose in my family too. I think it's a very pretty combination. IMO (and I haven't looked at the baby name stats) there are quite a lot of Charlottes in their late teens/early twenties but not so many little ones around.

toobreathless Wed 17-Jul-13 20:17:12

Lovely, elegant and timeless.

Would you use a nickname though? Not sure I'd have a Lily and a Lottie?

MrsMongoose Wed 17-Jul-13 20:16:25

Lily Elizabeth AND Charlotte Rose?

You do realize you've just named Charlotte from Sex and the City, her two daughters and her dog?

As long as you know you might come across as a crazy fan!

NotMyChashkaChai Wed 17-Jul-13 19:50:01

Lovely. Classic and timeless and goes very well with your first dds name!

williaminajetfighter Wed 17-Jul-13 17:55:18

Nice but i think Charlotte is a bit overused today. Up there with Isabella. Lots in my DDs class.

Clouise1626 Wed 17-Jul-13 17:53:33

smile glad to hear its not overly popular because lily certainly is! smile

insideout Wed 17-Jul-13 17:31:44

My dd(6) is a Charlotte Rose. She goes by Lottie . It really is a beautiful combination (plus there is only two charlottes in her school -300 pupils)

LittlePandaBear Wed 17-Jul-13 17:15:01

My neice is Charlotte Rose. Very pretty smile

8thplace Wed 17-Jul-13 17:00:35

Lovely choices. Classic and timeless.

kelda Wed 17-Jul-13 16:50:22

Lovely names.

DrMcDreamysWife Wed 17-Jul-13 16:49:58

Lovely. I know a baby called Charlotte primrose. Which is also very pretty

DramaAlpaca Wed 17-Jul-13 16:49:45

You've chosen beautiful names.

You could have a Lily & a Lottie, which is really cute! smile

wonkylegs Wed 17-Jul-13 16:48:59

I have a friend called Charlotte Rose, it's a lovely name.

Clouise1626 Wed 17-Jul-13 16:48:10

Thanks smile feel like I can relax now as we had no name ideas atall this pregnancy until now!

MeerkatMerkin Wed 17-Jul-13 16:41:00

Missed an apostrophe. DDs'.

MeerkatMerkin Wed 17-Jul-13 16:39:54

Really beautiful. Both DDs names. smile

I like it. It's elegant and easily spelt.

Clouise1626 Wed 17-Jul-13 16:33:07

Thanks! My partner seems to think rose isnt very nice as a second name but i kinda like the idea of subtly keeping my flower theme going! smile hehe!

LittleNoona Wed 17-Jul-13 16:28:51

Charlotte Rose is so pretty smile

I like Rose as a middle name - it's my dd's middle name too! - and I think it goes beautifully with your other dd's name.

Fabulous choices!

Clouise1626 Wed 17-Jul-13 16:27:22

DD1 is named Lily Elizabeth and just over a week from my due date we have decided on Charlotte Rose for DD2. Does rose sound okay as a middle name and do the two names go? Thoughts?

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