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How do you introduce your dc if you use a diminutive of their name? And did the diminutive change as your child grew old enough to voice an opinion?

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ToTiredToBeWitty Thu 06-Jun-13 09:41:18

Do use their full name or the name they are called in everyday life?

We are thinking of using Edward in the birth certificate and then Ted. So two questions:

1. How did you introduce them? (Edward or Ted in this case)

2. We will use Ted but its very possible that in later life he wouldn't want to be known as Ted. Has this happened to you? Did you start calling him something else that he choose (eg Ed) or do you always call him the diminutive that you chose and its just his peers who use his new choice?

RandomMess Tue 11-Jun-13 21:53:24

In fact all mine have nick names that get used all the time by the wider family and in front of friends blush

Hassled Tue 11-Jun-13 21:56:20

Two of mine are called by a diminutive and are introduced as that. In both cases, they've actually shortened the diminutive themselves, IYSWIM - say from Frederick to Freddie to Fred. We stick with the Freddie version (not actual name), they are known as Fred by mates.

intheshed Tue 11-Jun-13 22:03:42

My DD is always called by a diminutive of her name, but it is a name that people often get wrong as it sounds very similar to another name. So I say (for example, this is not the name!) "her name is Florence but we call her Flossie".

I am trying to get her used to her 'proper' name as I think I'd rather she use it at school (and because I think she'll get sick of correcting people who mishear her nickname).

worley Wed 12-Jun-13 03:31:26

ds2 uses his diminutive version, we always called him both, used full version when he started school but as there was two we told then what he was also called and it stuck.

although he is now saying he wants to be known as his full name and tells people not to use the diminutive version.. except he is allowed to use it him self when writing as shorter! hes in yr 2 and if hecan do less writing he will, so although he doesnt want to be called his shorter version he will use it to his advantage smile

sparkle12mar08 Wed 12-Jun-13 13:53:24

Ds1 (7) is Alexander and we always introduce him as such, but we've always called him Xander within the family. When people have asked 'do you call him Alex?' or 'do you like Alex?' we've always said we prefer Alexander in full or Xander for short, never Alex. As a result all the grownups he knows call him his full name. However most of his friends at school call him Alex which I hate but have had to accept - they're his relationships, not mine, and he's happy for them to use it. But in the past month or so he's taken to asking us to call him Alexander in full at home too. I find it very upsetting tbh, because inside my heart he will always be my Xander. So I try my best to do as he wants, but my default setting is Xander and it's a very hard habit to break!

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