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Do you have any regrets choosing an unusual name?

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Cheesegloriouscheese Thu 28-Mar-13 19:38:58

DH and I agreed on a name months ago and now we're close to the big day (C-section is next week!) but I'm starting to have a wobble. Although we love the name it's starting to worry me that others won't, part of me thinks I shouldn't care and part of me thinks we may regret picking something so unusual.

I got a bit of a flaming when I trialled the name on these boards a few months ago so I won't share it, but wondered whether anyone has regretted or opted out of using an unusual name they love?

I'm pretty certain friends and family won't like it but I expect they'd be polite enough not to let on to us. Since we choose the name I haven't been worried about what other people might think but now I'm wondering whether we might regret using something so unusual that many people won't like.

I can't tell if this hormones talking or if we should have a re-think and choose a name that people have at least heard of and are more likely to like. Wow that's a bit of an essay, any advice/comments very welcome.

CandyCrushed Sat 30-Mar-13 01:04:47

I know a little Trilby too..... I thought it was a very unique name.

chipmonkey Sat 30-Mar-13 01:33:02

Go for whatever name you love. Three of my boys have "common" names, one is not all that unusual but a little unusual around here, he is the only one in his school. But all of their names are nice and suit them. Dd had, IMO the most beautiful name in the world. My aunt said it was a "mouthful" and I suspect some other people probably thought it was too but my aunt is known for being rude "honest" . But then dd died and I was glad that her name was unusual, as I think I would have found it hard to meet other little girls with her name. Not that that should ever be a consideration, by the way, most babies will hopefully grow up to live long and healthy lives!

The other thing about a name being a consideration when doing job interviews etc ; my SIL had a boss who admitted to her after she had been working with him for a while that one of the reasons he had employed SIL was because she had gone to a "good" school, by which he meant a private school. But his snobbery didn't get him anywhere, in the end and the company folded. Perhaps if he had judged his employees on their skills rather than the names they had (Pretty sure he'd never have employed a Kaycie-May!) or the schools they went to, he might still be in business.

Cheesegloriouscheese Sat 30-Mar-13 09:46:36

chipmonkey I'm really sorry to hear about yuor DD. So glad you choose a beautiful name that you loved and I'm sure was perfect for her.

I don't think the name we love is 'brave', it's an actual name but is very old and doesn't seem to be have been used in the last 80 years. The good thing is that it has some very normal, recognised shortenings so if DC really didn't like it they could easily use one of those.

Thanks for all the comments and advice, I think we're going to go for it!

shufflehopstep Sat 30-Mar-13 10:12:21

Go with what you want. My mum wanted to call me Daisy but was persuaded against it by her mum who said it was a cow's name! That was in 1977 and these days you can't move without bumping into someone who's called their child Daisy. Just because something's unusual doesn't mean it will be forever so don't let that sway you. smile

MoelFammau Sat 30-Mar-13 19:21:18

Well, DD has a fairly normal name. Not a popular one though.

I have a damn weird name. I won't share it because I'm the only one on Google. And I've always loved it. It's not a pretty name, or an intellectual name, or a yoo-nique name. It's an old Celtic short form of a common classic name, a bit ugly-sounding if I'm honest. But I love having an odd name. It's been nothing but helpful in my career because I work through word of mouth and my name is memorable.

So yep. Go for it, I reckon.

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