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What do you think of these boys names?

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TheLastJammyDodger Sun 10-Mar-13 09:53:57

Laurence (nn Laurie)

We are really struggling to find a nice boys name we both agree on. Not too common, but not out there either.

Thanks :-)

EvenIfYouSeeAPoppy Sun 10-Mar-13 22:59:22

They're all fine. Rowan is my fave, followed by Laurence (although the latter conjures a hard-to-shake image into my mind of Amy's beau in Little Women). Rory is fab but I think I would expect there to be some kind of Celtic connection. Not quite so keen on Jude. How about Seth?

NowPlayingZone Mon 11-Mar-13 10:15:37

All lovely.

Jude wins it for me. Rowan and Rory mean have connotations to the colour red so I think they'd be more suited to child with hair of that hue! Laurence is just my least fave on this list

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