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did anyone choose a name you like but don't love?

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talkalot10 Mon 18-Feb-13 15:02:39

Me and DH have now managed to draw up a shortlist after much debate. We're nowhere near in terms of the names we like so the list we've got is a compromise one as both of us have ruled out the others favourite names.

I like all the names on the list but none of them are my favourite. Did anyone else pick their baby's name this way - did it take long to get used to the name you chose? What name did you want and which name did you choose (if you're happy to say!)

metimeatlast Mon 18-Feb-13 18:53:01

when i was having dd, i really liked names like sophie, holly, molly, jessica (but not jess) and a few others that i cant remember. DDs name was a last choice for me, dd was named in the following way "hi, come in, meet your daughter, six days old already, cant believe it, have you thought about names?" well cant have molly, thats my exes dog, cant have holly bla bla bla," and so it went on! then the HV arrived and i said right, i need a name out of xyz, and EXP said x.
so i regret to say thats how DD got her name...but im not keen if truth be told! so be wary of rushing with name choices, and try and get something that both of you like. best of luck

Purplecatti Mon 18-Feb-13 19:08:23

I recommend narrowing it down to two or three and deciding which one is right after meeting your baby.
We had Bonnie, Cora and the name we called her.
She was handed to me and OH said 'she's an xxxxxxx' and he was right. That was her name.

MrsMarigold Mon 18-Feb-13 19:15:35

I'm not desperately keen on either of my DC's names or my own name but they are sensible and will do.

DS was given a family name and with DD I wish we had stuck to our original choice, although after we named her everyone said they prefer her name to the other one we'd planned to give her.

AyeOopMoose Mon 18-Feb-13 19:23:47

We were the same. Miles apart in choices. I like unusual names, DH boring less so.

We had a short list of ones we agreed on, some DH prefered, some I did but we could both "live" with them.

Two DDs on, I still wistfully think of the other two names that my DDs should be called- Miranda (Mimi) & Cordelia (Coco).

Don't get me wrong, I like their names but I don't love them and they're both getting more popular by the day.

Given my time again, yes, I would put my foot down and go for the names I loved. I suspect DH wouldn't be as bothered by having them than I am by not IYSWIM.

NulliusInBlurba Mon 18-Feb-13 19:24:23

For DD2 I wanted Clara, and DH wanted the name we actually gave her, a lovely, classical, timeless name. In the end we decided by giving DD1 the casting vote - she was 3.9 at the time and didn't have much of a clue, to be honest. But DH's fave name sounded quite like the name of one of her nursery friends, so she just said that name - and that was the matter decided. And the funny thing was, after a few months it became crystal clear to me that DH and DD had made the perfect decision.

And both DD1 and DD2 love the story!

Iggly Mon 18-Feb-13 19:26:04

Wewent for names we both liked. I love them so love their names - its all one and the same to me. But before they were born I didn't think I love these names - feeling wasnt that strong.

peachypips Mon 18-Feb-13 19:31:06

I loved DS1s name. When we had DS2 I had no other boys' names I liked, except the one we chose which was too well-used for me really. We went for it and I now love it. It suits him down to the ground.

choklit Tue 19-Feb-13 04:26:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SequinsOfEvents Tue 19-Feb-13 10:56:15

My DD is a name I really liked but it wasn't my first choice. My husband still doesn't like (and won't use) my first choice if we had another daughter and that thought depresses me so much! I'd almost divorce him for a chance at another girl so I could use it! grin

I have other friends pregnant at the moment and, if they were to have a girl and call it by my first choice, I think I'd have to stop seeing them I'd be so upset!

I agree with the poster above........given my time again, I'd try harder to convince my husband (in fact I'd just say no to everything until he acquiesced!) as him not liking it as much isn't such a big deal as far I can see. I think he'd get over it more than I have. Mu daughter is over 2 now btw! She is lovely and her name is a cracker and suits her so very well but I will always be pining for my original.

However, as I said, her name suits her very well and I love her absolutely. Plus, I'm not really as cross as I pretend to be but I would do things differently if I had my time again so that is what I am advising you to do if possible

Loika Tue 19-Feb-13 14:48:07

I love the name Adelaide but OH said no way but my second choice was Jocelyn and he liked that so done deal! My nephew has a place name as his first name that has never been used before which we find a bit naff. So OH didn't want to do the same (even though its the wife of William 4th not the place in Oz, named after her) but few people know that much history so over ruled! If we have another dd, I might push for Adelaide as a middle name....!!

Kayano Tue 19-Feb-13 17:27:30

Yes. DH asked me if we could call her Sophie because he loved the name so much

I liked it but didn't love it due to popularity

I said yes but was :/ for ages

And then I met her and she was Sophie :D
Love it now

Clawdy Tue 19-Feb-13 19:29:22

Yes,DS3 is James,which is a name I liked but didn't love. Dh really liked it,and as I'd had my choice with the first two boys' names,I decided it might be nice to let him choose for once!

lljkk Tue 19-Feb-13 20:03:00

Yes, all of them, lol. Okay maybe I really liked DC1's name, but rest were compromises.

zingally Wed 20-Feb-13 17:53:25

I think narrowing it down to 2 or 3 is a good idea, then wait until you meet the baby to decide which suits her best.

NappiesandGladrags Wed 20-Feb-13 21:00:55

Yes my daughter, her name is 'fine', acceptable and she likes it. I just wish she was one of the names I loved. Her brother has a name that I adore and everyone says is unusual and gets lots of comments (for where we live) and I find her name is just 'lost' in comparison!

TeWiSavesTheDay Wed 20-Feb-13 21:02:37

Yes, I did. It really annoyed me, but it matters less as the year's go by. It's just a name.

SequinsOfEvents Fri 01-Mar-13 02:58:29

I am glad to read other posters say it matters less as the years pass....I hope I will stop my pathetic pining for my first choice! smile

RachelS86 Sat 02-Mar-13 19:18:35

We had 2 names one that was DH's favourite and one that was my 2nd favourite because DH hated my 1st choice. When DS was born. I took one look at him and knew that 'my name' didn't suit him so I said we should call him DH's name which I liked but didn't love. He's 8 weeks now and although it took me a bit of time I love his name and as he's little personality is starting to develop it really does suit him!

AndMiffyWentToSleep Sat 02-Mar-13 19:21:41

Yes, I did.
I love DS and so it is fine, his name is now his and so it is ok. Same way you still like friends even if you don't like their name.

BikeRunSki Sat 02-Mar-13 19:40:57

Yes I did. Although it is not at all unusual, I love it now as, to me, it is all about DD.

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