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Which of these four boys' names?

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jaffajiffy Thu 14-Feb-13 22:13:17

Please help DH and me. We are 33wks and no movement on these 4 names for our first child:

James (we'd call him Jem while small)
Hewan (DH's grandfather who died recently. We love the name and it's DH's middle name)

-My first initial is J and I wonder if we should have an unique initial each?
-our surname ends in 'ton' so I wonder about the names ending in 'an' sounding a bit twee with the surname?
-is meaning important? James means "supplanter" which isn't that nice. Rowan means "red". Hewan doesn't have a meaning, and Lewis is "fame and war". None too inspiring!

Maybe I'll leave it til I've pushed him out and decide then!

Thanks in advance.

colette Thu 14-Feb-13 22:18:26

James , also quite like Rowan .

BabyRoger Thu 14-Feb-13 22:21:48

I like them all (sorry, no help!)

I wouldn't give too much thought to meaning, personally. My DD's name means 'golden princess' and my DS's name means 'crooked hill or nose' I have not named them after either of these things!

Maternitygold Thu 14-Feb-13 22:22:35


forgottenpassword Thu 14-Feb-13 22:25:25

James, definitely the nicest. Hewan would be a good middle name but don't think I like it as a first name.

Ruprekt Thu 14-Feb-13 22:26:50

James Hewan is probably the best. Prefer Jamie as a nn.

diamondee Thu 14-Feb-13 22:28:55

I've never heard of Hewan before but I love it

Skyebluesapphire Thu 14-Feb-13 22:30:07

James Hewan sounds good.

I have relatives who are both J and they have called each child a J name too. God knows how they decide who opens the post grin

CheckpointCharlie Thu 14-Feb-13 22:30:08

Hewan is really cool. Then Rowan.

poppydaisy Thu 14-Feb-13 22:30:17

I like Hewan - nice, underused name and great associations for you!

How about Hewan James?

Hassled Thu 14-Feb-13 22:30:33

James, by a country mile.

Rowan is usually a girl's name, isn't it?

And no, I don't think meanings matter at all.

Leeds2 Thu 14-Feb-13 22:31:47

James Hewan.

Rowan, to me, is a girl's name.

smellysocksandchickenpox Thu 14-Feb-13 22:32:05

james or rowan, I cant choose which - they're 2 of my fave names.
not lewis

MikeOxardAndWellard Thu 14-Feb-13 22:36:08

My dd would have been James if she was a boy. Lovely name.

BabyRoger Thu 14-Feb-13 22:39:32

I only know boy Rowan's. Rowan Atkinson?

meditrina Thu 14-Feb-13 22:41:48

James Hewan

I don't think the duplicated initial matters that much when it's one per sex.

MyHeadWasInTheSandNowNot Thu 14-Feb-13 22:53:46

James (we'd call him Jem while small) << Really? That sounds very 'girly' Boring IMO

Lewis - Not too keen

Rowan - I know one and he's lovely, so probably my pick of your 4 smile

Hewan (DH's grandfather who died recently. We love the name and it's DH's middle name) - nice reasons to use the name, but it's a bit unusual and I expect he'd spend a lot of his life saying 'No Hewan - not Ewan - or 'No Hew - not Hugh'... but again, not a really big deal.

I would avoid the same initial - but not the end of the world.

'an' and 'ton' are fine.

Meaning isn't important to me. I like the meaning of my name, but it wouldn't bother me if it was something like supplanter.

Push him out, spend a few days waiting for him to stop looking red & cross and then decide smile

CityMa Thu 14-Feb-13 22:56:25

Rowan James or Hewan James.

TheSecondComing Thu 14-Feb-13 22:59:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Floggingmolly Thu 14-Feb-13 23:01:17

Love James, only like Rowan for a girl, don't like Lewis and Hewan is just odd.

TheWave Thu 14-Feb-13 23:06:28

Agree with CityMa
Rowan James or Hewan James

VerySmallSqueak Thu 14-Feb-13 23:08:04

Rowan or Hewan.

cece Thu 14-Feb-13 23:31:02

James Hewan would be my choice. But I'd use Jim as a nn.

GW297 Thu 14-Feb-13 23:45:03

James (not Jem as nn though!)

Narked Fri 15-Feb-13 00:40:51

I don't think the 'an' '-ton' thing sounds twee at all.

James is lovely. Rowan and Lewis are fine but not favourites of mine. Hewan I've never heard of before but like.

As Hewan might get misheard as Euan I'd probably go for James Hewan -ton. Hewan James sounds good though. In fact James flows well as a second name with all the others.

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