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NotChristmasCarol Thu 04-Oct-12 09:27:54

Sorry - I feel like I've already leaned on your patience about 500 times so far but I'm still thrashing around with names (no DH/DP so I've got no-one but you lot to test things out before braving a wider crowd).

I've always said I wanted a name for DD2 that ends in an "ee" or really anything other than an "a". And I want something unusual but not awkward to pronounce or spell.

The middle name will definitely be Joy (family name)

To date, I'd narrowed it down to:

Xanthe Joy

Claudine Joy

Vivienne Joy

Fabienne Joy

And then last night.... I thought:

Clorinda Joy

<secret passion for 17th/18th century poetry alert blush>

Thoughts please???

RubberNeckerNicker Thu 04-Oct-12 09:29:49

I prefer any of your others than Clorinda - sounds a bit like something you clean the bath with.

Vivienne is particularly lovely.

rubyslippers Thu 04-Oct-12 09:30:08



Claudine and Vivienne are lovely IMO

IHeartKingThistle Thu 04-Oct-12 09:30:32

The others are all lovely. Nuff said!

jkklpu Thu 04-Oct-12 09:30:44

agree with Rubber

HollyGoHeavily Thu 04-Oct-12 09:32:19

It doesn't sound very nice to my ears - but I can't put my finger on why!

I think Vivienne Joy is lovely.

MadBusLady Thu 04-Oct-12 09:54:21

Sorry, I'm with Rubber too. smile Love all the rest, I'd be hard put to choose.

MadBusLady Thu 04-Oct-12 09:55:15

Clotilde might be nice if you like "Clo" names. Though I guess you are slightly asking for "Clot" as a nickname.

BeaLola Thu 04-Oct-12 10:05:58

Sorry but I do not like it - I think it soumds like something medicinal (?)

Of the others I particularly like Vivienne - I met a lady once with a Vivienne for a daughter & all her little friends called her Vivi which sounded lovely.

NotChristmasCarol Thu 04-Oct-12 10:28:16

Well it's good to get clear feedback - thank you!!

I think I will consign Clorinda to the "strange-hormone-induced-thoughts-at-3am-not-to-be-taken-further-during-daylight-hours" category.....

<there's quite a lot going into that category already.....>

YouMayLogOut Thu 04-Oct-12 10:44:06

Xanthe Joy is lovely, definitely my favourite from your list.

Clorinda is too chlorine-y. I think that's why it sounds like a cleaning product. How about Coralie?

squoosh Thu 04-Oct-12 10:53:30

Clorinda sounds like a rare type of fungus that grows on scabs.


squoosh Thu 04-Oct-12 10:53:57

I love Fabienne and Vivienne though!

scootle Thu 04-Oct-12 10:54:03

Clorinda is not a great name. I am sure it appeared in some really old romantic novel with the line 'I have been faithful to you, Clorinda, in my fashion'.

shoppingtrolley Thu 04-Oct-12 10:54:22

Fabienne is great!
Clorinda is dreadful.

MolotovBomb Thu 04-Oct-12 10:54:42

What immediately springs to mind for me is both 1) Caulinder (spelling?) and 2) Cauliflower. I'm not keen.

I do like Vivienne it Claudine from your list, though smile

DawnOfTheDee Thu 04-Oct-12 10:55:48

Xanthe is lovely as is Vivienne.

Not keen on Fabienne or Clorinda.

Asmywhimsytakesme Thu 04-Oct-12 10:57:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Smize Thu 04-Oct-12 14:17:51

How about Florinda? Very similar but much prettier.

DontCallMeMummyPig Thu 04-Oct-12 14:20:11

What about Joy as a first name? Beautiful!

NotChristmasCarol Thu 04-Oct-12 14:27:44

Oh Smize I really like Florinda! Thank you! (or rather, grrrr - that's another one for the short list smile)

Whimsy - I like Emmeline but the "did you say Emily" would drive me crazy. I also like Marianna and Georgianna, but they're not quite for me

MummyPig - Joy is my (very much alive) DGMs name so I prefer it as a middle name

Thanks to everyone

lucysnowe Thu 04-Oct-12 14:34:16

Clorinda sounds a bit like a Saki character, if that's what you're going for :-)

Narked Thu 04-Oct-12 15:15:32

'I will consign Clorinda to "strange-hormone-induced-thoughts-at-3am-not-to-be-taken-further-during-daylight-hours"

We should have a thread of those grin

GoSakuramachi Thu 04-Oct-12 15:16:49

Florinda is also hideous, sounds like a skin growth you get between your toes.

HairyPoppins Thu 04-Oct-12 15:21:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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