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a sister for Kirsty?

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catscherrygirl23 Wed 02-May-12 14:06:13

We have a Kirsty May & I am pregnant again and stuck if it’s another girl – we only ever had one girls name which got used up last time!
We like names that are not super popular but not weird either and it obviously needs to match Kirsty. Some ideas we have had are Zoe, Leah and Holly
Am new to this but suggestions appreciated thanks :-)

nizlopi Wed 02-May-12 14:15:29

I had a friend called Kirsty at Primary School and she had MANY siblings, some that I remember were -


hatebeak Wed 02-May-12 14:25:21

How about: Johanna, Jessica, Sarah, Lauren, Emma, Alice, Alison, Caroline.

BBQJuly Wed 02-May-12 14:55:39

Kirsty and...


JimbosJetSet Wed 02-May-12 14:59:39

Kirsty and Melissa.
Kirsty and Jody.
Kirsty and Susy.

catscherrygirl23 Wed 02-May-12 17:56:50

wow replies so quickly! thanks very much lots to think about! :-)

Polkadotfanatic Wed 02-May-12 18:39:28

Hiya, I just wanted to post to say I'm a Kirsty and you dont hear of many "new" ones (where I am anyway) about this day and age. It's a great name and I am sure your Kirsty will thank you for it. I am a Kirsty Marie and my sister is Zoe Elizabeth, so think you should pick Zoe smile (she uses the umluat) x

Scatterplot Thu 03-May-12 04:32:08

I know siblings Kirsty and Fiona.

Other Scottish pairings:

Kirsty and Catriona
Kirsty and Eilidh
Kirsty and Elspeth
Kirsty and Iona
Kirsty and Isla
Kirsty and Isobel
Kirsty and Shona

jaggythistle Thu 03-May-12 04:38:57


NunTheWiser Thu 03-May-12 04:40:49


WMDinthekitchen Thu 03-May-12 05:27:45


manicinsomniac Thu 03-May-12 09:38:20

The only Kirstys I've ever know were only children - how annoying!

I don't think anything long, fussy or overly girly would go.

Kirsty, and:
Amber, Amy, Ariel, Annie, Ayla, Bethan, Bonnie, Cerys, Ciara, Connie, Cassie, Callie, Darcey, Ellen, Eilidh, Elodie, Erin, Eden, Ebony, Flora, Farrah, Faith, Gemma, Hannah, Heidi, Halle, Isla, Iona, Iris, Jasmine, Jessie, Kaitlyn, Lara, Lexie, Lucy, Martha, Maisie, Macie, Morgan, Megan, Nicole, Orla, Paige, Robyn, Rosie, Seren, Shona, Sarah, Sophie, Sadie, Tegan, Tara, Tessa, Zoe, Zara.

DimplesOHara Thu 03-May-12 09:48:27

Kirsty & Danielle

Me & my sisters name (although I was always jealous growing up that she had a name that could be shortened and sounded more grown up, can you tell I was the younger sibling wink

Fimbo Thu 03-May-12 09:51:54

Kirsty & Morag

BlueChampagne Thu 03-May-12 13:20:23

Kirsty and Morvern

I like Zoe and Leah too.

RickGhastley Thu 03-May-12 13:24:07

Love Lois!

Positiveplus Thu 03-May-12 16:24:31

Like Leah.

How about:

mirry2 Thu 03-May-12 16:28:46

Kirsty and Karen

catscherrygirl23 Fri 05-Apr-13 22:08:15

keep meaning to thank everyone who contributed again...we finally agreed on Holly Martha as a compromise (I really wanted Lorna, Zoe or Martha as first name) ..however it was an entirely pointless worry as we had a boy..Finlay James! :-)

chickensaladagain Fri 05-Apr-13 22:10:22

the only Kirsty I know with a sister has a Charlotte for a sister

WafflyVersatile Mon 08-Apr-13 02:47:45

Caitlin pronounced Katelin.

mathanxiety Mon 08-Apr-13 02:50:27

Congratulations -- hope all is going well

WafflyVersatile Mon 08-Apr-13 02:52:15

Or Lauren.

xigris Mon 08-Apr-13 02:53:13

Philippa? (Sorry!) love the name Kirsty, was on my list but managed to have 3 DSs

TheRealFellatio Mon 08-Apr-13 03:01:33

Lois was going to be my suggestion too! I had Lois on my list for all three of my PGs but never used it. (all boys)

The other girls' names I had earmarked were Elsa and Elspeth. When DS1 was born he was going to be Elspeth Lois Rose. Although with hindsight I prefer Elsa.

Erica is a fantastic name too.

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