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hypothetical sibling for Frederick

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pinkgirlythoughts Tue 19-Jul-11 14:01:11

Not actually pregnant, or even ttc, but am currently pinned underneath DS while he has a mammoth feeding session, and I'm bored!

DS is Frederick Benjamin (Freddie). When pregnant, other names we considered for boys were Arthur, James and Zachary (Zach), in various different combinations. Our top girls choices were Imogen Cecelia/Imogen Beatrice and Annabelle Charlotte/Annabelle Mary. Since DS has been born we've also decided we quite like Charlotte Xanthe if he ever has a sister.
I like more unusual names- definitely not top ten, and preferably not top 100, if I'm honest. DP likes ultra-common, what he would describe as 'normal' names, so all of our choices were big compromises.

Can anyone suggest any lovely names that we might like for number 2? Boys and girls, maybe using the names I've already said, but also anything else you think we might like!

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