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What sort of child would have a name like this?

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hightrees Wed 15-Jun-11 13:29:40

Some names on my list.
What kind of child would you imagine might have each of these names?

I need a short name - no more than 2 syls; or if it's 3 syls it can't end in an 'a' sound or an 'er' sound - so if you have any other ideas please say! Thank you.

Katrin (n.n. kitty perhaps)
Jemima (OK that's 3 syls & ends in an a)

IndigoBell Wed 15-Jun-11 13:33:18

I love Jemima.


speculationisrife Wed 15-Jun-11 13:35:09

Well I don't know about the others, but Maya would be clever, funny, independent, creative and gorgeous. But then I have one myself, so I would say that grin. Among its many advantages as a name is that it works in most languages and cultures, too. So far we have had Japanese, Indian, Polish, South American, Arab, Israeli and Turkish people say 'Oh, that's a Japanese, Polish, etc... name'! I also like that it works for a baby, teenager and adult, and is pretty and feminine without being too girly or cutesy.

I also like Anna and Juno, but not quite so keen on the others.

speculationisrife Wed 15-Jun-11 13:37:25

It's also not overused, but not too unusual or outlandish either (although it's becoming more popular in the US, I gather). Be prepared for people to pronounce it May-a rather than My-a, though, and also there are about 5 alternative spellings (I also like Maia, but not the others!), so it will be misspelled quite a bit.

peanutbutterkid Wed 15-Jun-11 14:03:33

Maya Parents wanted a "different" name and don't like NNs. Which pronunciation are you using?
Anna pretty but maybe conventional; has conservative parents
Katrin Me no likey. Not one thing or another, parents obviously indecisive people. Katrina is good.
Juno Has weird parents
Jemima Parents like Biblical things. How do you say it? Not warming to it
Jasmin Parents have same tastes as many others (Most popular name locally)

hightrees Wed 15-Jun-11 14:06:57

Spec - hehe - she sounds fab... have 'exotic' background so could work! Yes, I could see the question of how to pron could be annoying.

mopsyflopsy Wed 15-Jun-11 14:24:28

I know all sorts of children/adults with these names. I honestly think you can't generalise smile.

speculationisrife Wed 15-Jun-11 14:52:00

Yes, well, she is only two, so when I say 'creative' I mean invents interesting scenarios for her cuddly toys, when I say 'clever' I mean talks a lot of nonsense, and when I say independent I mean 'Get off me, Mummy', when I try to cuddle her! We have a slightly 'exotic' background too, which is why I didn't go for a more 'English' name.

Do you have any other children that you'd want the name to 'go' with?

mopsy - you don't have to generalise, but it's more fun to!

AberdeenAngusina Wed 15-Jun-11 15:45:18

Maya - cosmopolitan family. Confident in a good, non-bratty way.
Anna - sensible, popular, friendly, school head girl.
Katrin - Blond, blue-eyed (sounds Danish /Scandinavian to me), bright, lively, sporty.
Juno - agree with peanutbutterkid - has weird parents.
Jemima - sweet, slightly old-fashioned girl, friendly in a quiet way. (getting a Beatrix Potter vibe)
Jasmin - First child in her class to get a mobile phone. Parents spend a lot on her birthday parties.

MelinaM Wed 15-Jun-11 15:47:02

Jemima is lovelysmile is Anna.

topazmcgonagall Fri 17-Jun-11 02:01:06

My favourites are Maya, Anna and Juno, although I don't think Juno would suit a shy child.

Janoschi Fri 17-Jun-11 21:01:36

My DD was nearly Maya but we ended up with Robin. Maybe for a second DD! Love it a lot but as DD was a May baby, I felt it looked a bit of a lazy effort to whack an 'A' on the end of the month. I'd imagine a Maya to be funky and strong-willed.

Anna I think is conservative and a bit dull, though I do like Annie. Think I'd pick Ann over Anne or Anna, to be honest.

Katrin... My name is the Welsh version Catrin. Not seen it spelled with a K before but it's nice. I'd say it implies an arty, practical girl.

Juno - wacky parents!

Jemima makes me think of Puddleduck. Cute. I know a lovely 20-something Jemima and she's got blue hair and hippy clothes. So I'd think of a hippy chick, I guess.

Jasmin. Sorry but this is my least favourite. I think it sounds a bit precious.

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