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dealing with comparisons?

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RheRi Sat 24-Jul-10 07:37:28

Fell in love with the name Cristiano years ago and eventually named first ds it. People always say "Oh, you must be a Ronaldo fan then.." err, no, we just liked the name. All this has lead dh to only call him Cris when out to avoid football comparisons.

Second ds (just one month old) got the name Jackson. Already we've had a few people assuming we were big Michael Jackson fans, which we weren't.

Wondering if anyone has had this problem?

SpiderWilliam Sat 24-Jul-10 07:57:47

Not really, although my Mum says she likes DS's name (Peter) apart from the Peter Mandelson link.

Now pregnant with DC 2, and I am threatening to call this one Alastair to keep with the Labour spin doctor theme. <evil cackle>

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