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Advice on Angel care sounds and movement AC401 monior

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daisybear Mon 16-May-11 13:22:06

Hi peeps
I'm going to be a first time mum in july so i've been looking into baby monitors. i like the idea of a sound and movement monitor like the angel care AC401 as i think it will put my mind at rest having an alarm for the babies movement/breathing. Is it best to buy the above or get separate sounds and movement monitors. Also is the angel sounds digital? i can't find anything that states this.
Any advice/opinions on this monitor will be appreciated
Many thanks smile

BikeRunSki Mon 16-May-11 13:24:30

We had one. It is the first step to madness. Our was extremely sensitive and went off at the slightest thing and we spent our whole time panic-ing. sold on Ebay, replaced with a sound only monitor and relaxed.

EdwardorEricCantDecide Mon 16-May-11 13:28:07

I loved mine but did have to change it as DS became more active as he would get up in the night then fall asleep at top/bottom of cot and monitor would go off so I also had to switch to sound only monitor at about 6/7months

daisybear Tue 17-May-11 08:13:38

Thanks Bike and edward.
Does anyone know if you can disconnect the movement monitor and change it to sound only when the motionpad is no longer required?

HoneyMum21 Sat 18-Aug-12 17:40:50

I'm also wondering whether the movement monitor can be disconnected on the angelcare so you can use it as a sound only?

lucylookout Sun 16-Sep-12 06:40:00

I've got one and yes, you can select sound only. They're s bit giddily to get the hang of, but seems good so far.

lucylookout Sun 16-Sep-12 06:40:41

Fiddily, I mean

PotteringAlong Sun 16-Sep-12 06:59:05

If you're paranoid about SIDS enough to put a movement pad in your babies cot, surely you're going to follow the safe sleep guidelines and have them in with you until they are 6 months and thus make it defunct anyway?!

beckslovestimmy Tue 26-Feb-13 17:59:29

I'm sleeping in the nursery with my baby at night because of the worry about SIDS but I got the angel care sound and motion monitor because my baby goes to bed earlier than me, I don't want to sit upstairs with her for a couple of hours before I go to bed. I can't have her sleep down stairs with us as she gets disturbed by the light and sounds of the TV. This will give me piece of mind for those few hours. Got mine for bargin price of 67.50 in JL.

jellybongbong Tue 06-Aug-13 09:43:11

We bought the Tomee Tipee sensor monitor after reading all the reviews here. Very happy with it. We've had a few false alarms when our daughter had moved to the side of the crib, and a few that may not have been false alarms but its hard to tell - on those occasions if I couldn't tell she was breathing I'd just touch her until she moved. Sleep apnea maybe. Anyway I'd rather have a few false positives and be sure than live in worry. I like that I can wake in the middle of the night and if the green motion light is blinking but she is quiet I know she's sleeping soundly and so can I. Don't regret buying a sensor pad at all.

Phineyj Fri 09-Aug-13 08:44:10

My DH insists on using one and it is driving me mad because of all the false alarms and forgetting to switch the thing off before picking DD up. She was in the same room as us for 6.5 months anyway.

I think if you are an anxious person the movement monitors potentially make you more anxious. There is also not much point having one unless you have also done a baby first aid course as otherwise what will you do if they do stop breathing?

If anyone has any idea how I can wean DH off this irritating device I'd be very interested!

We do have a video monitor which I like as I can hang the washing up while DD is sleeping and be instantly alerted if she's woken up.

Emmabombemma Mon 09-Sep-13 12:10:04

Phineyj - 'what would you do if they stopped breathing?' Errr call an ambulance and follow their instructions until they arrive?? Surely better than waking up in the morning to the worst thing imaginable...

lottiegarbanzo Mon 09-Sep-13 12:20:34

We have this. Dd was in our room until six months but, without this, we wouldn't have woken up if she had stopped breathing. Following anti-SIDS advice only reduces risk, not eliminates.

We kept the motion sensor on until about 16 months, when the false alarms were driving me demented (she often got into a horizontal position at one end of her cot, which set if off). I liked the reassurance up to a year though.

Emmabombemma Mon 09-Sep-13 15:40:10

Well said Lottie

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