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A bit manic

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daffodilbrain Sun 29-Sep-19 21:18:15

My neighbour observed I was a bit hyper and maybe i need to calm/relax a bit - she's wasn't being horrible and we get on great. It took me a bit by surprise as I'll admit I'm a bit busy at the moment (2 teens, just been promo, loads on usually story) today ive out 830- 230 ferrying kids to
Sports, rushed in prepped dinner before dh arrived home from ultra marathon and I popped to see her as she'd recently come home after being in hospital. I'm wondering if I am just busy or am i acting a bit highly strung - I do have borderline hyperthyroidism and wonder if something is impacting my behaviour? Any thoughts?

RightYesButNo Sat 05-Oct-19 12:26:35

@daffodilbrain - While thyroid levels can definitely affect your moods, hyperthyroidism is known more for affecting it in one of two ways: with anxiety or by causing mood swings, not mania.
Here are two different pages from the British Thyroid Foundation and the British Thyroid Association about it, if you want to read more:

So what about your neighbor’s observation? Well, you stated yourself you had an extremely busy day. It’s possible you’re just under a large amount of stress, and attempting to deal with it didn’t involve your thyroid at all. I suspect this is a case where if you hear hoofbeats, it makes more sense to assume it’s a horse, rather than a zebra.

If you were suffering from anxiety, though, or are afraid you have mood swings, I think the best idea would be to talk to people who interact with you more frequently than the neighbor and ask if they’ve noticed any changes in how you’ve been acting - they will probably put your mind at ease, either by saying they haven’t noticed changes or only those in line with someone who is doing as much as it sounds like you’re trying to do.

Good luck, OP! It’s so tough sometimes to tell what’s everyday life, as over the top as it can already be, and what’s being affected by our autoimmune disorders.

AbuelitaAyahuasca Fri 11-Oct-19 08:33:44

When my thyroid first went overactive I was treated for hypomanic relapse (I have bipolar), it did feel very similar (physically) to mild mania but without any of the other symptoms.

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