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Ulcerative Colitis -- Good News

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tryingtobebetterallthetime Fri 28-Jun-19 01:02:11


I had a sigmoidoscopy today. This was to see if the Entyvio I have been taking since last October has healed the colon mucosa. Last scope was a full colonoscopy in September showing moderate active disease.

I started on Entyvio every 8 weeks but was relapsing so they moved it to every 4 weeks.

Today, the GI said I was in endoscopic remission! Only scar tissue left. This is great news.

I had some issues last month but they have cleared and he said it was probably an infection.

I hope everyone taking a biologic for the first time can have this success. Here's hoping it lasts.

BitOfFun Fri 28-Jun-19 01:09:21

Fantastic news- really pleased for you!

tryingtobebetterallthetime Fri 28-Jun-19 01:33:21

Thank you.

Montybojangles Fri 28-Jun-19 08:41:06

That sounds fantastic, long may it last.

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