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Low White Cell Count

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MoGgivemestrength Thu 06-Jun-19 13:08:46

I've had RA for 17 years now, been on Methotrexate for most of them along with various other meds, currently taking 15mg methotrexate weekly and leflunomide 10mg daily and 5mg of Folic Acid weekly.
I've never had a problem with my white cell count before but suddenly it's dropping. Two weeks ago I had my regular two monthly blood test and my neutrophil count was on the very bottom of the range. It was repeated yesterday and last night my GP rang to say it's dropped a small amount further. She asked what, if any symptoms I'm having and has said she'll be writing to my consultant to see what's the next step.
Has anyone else had something like this and if so what was the outcome. The methotrexate has worked very well for me and I'm worried about what might happen if I need to come off it. I'd be very grateful for some information or hearing from others who've had the same thing.
Thanks in advance

bigfatfeet Mon 17-Jun-19 12:19:41

I'm on the same meds and have had all sorts of problems with my white blood count - it's still ongoing and is actually proving more of a hassle than the RA itself. Happy for you to PM me if it would help!

mirandaspanda Tue 25-Jun-19 12:14:44

I am new to autoimmune disease. I spent 6 months on methotrexate but my white blood cells, neutrophil, lymphocyte and platelet counts were all well below the normal count after 2 months of treatment. I had to discontinue it and try something else. I understand in most cases, a short break from the medication followed by restarting resolves the issue. Good luck

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