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Hypothyroidism and periods

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Wetwashing00 Sun 07-Jan-18 22:32:21

Hi there,
Does anyone know if my condition can affect my periods?
Ever since I was diagnosed in June my period cycle has been getting longer. I was a regular 28 day cycle for years but now it’s creeped up to 30-33 days. I completely missed a period in September but started early October making it 43 days in between.
Would it be my condition affecting my periods or my medication? (Levothyroxine)
I’m early 30’s and luckily all done with baby making. Currently using copper coil for contraception

Sofabitch Sun 07-Jan-18 22:33:22

Yes it affects periods. Have you had a blood test recently.

Wetwashing00 Sun 07-Jan-18 22:35:57

Yes, I’ve just had my dose increased to 100mcg
TSH is still 17.4
My doctor said that my TSH should come down after 1 more increase in 4 weeks time

ParkheadParadise Sun 07-Jan-18 22:37:08

Yes it affected my periods for years. When I fell pregnant with dd2 (surprise baby) I didn't find out till I was 5mths gonehmm.

Wetwashing00 Sun 07-Jan-18 22:44:25

So it’s the condition not the medication?

Ekphrasis Fri 12-Jan-18 06:57:41

Yes it's the condition. It can cause periods to be completely delayed in teens. Oddly it never affected mine that I remember but I've always been light till I had ds. My thyroid went when I was young though.

Ekphrasis Fri 12-Jan-18 06:58:39

There's also a symptom delay in low thyroid conditions so it can take a while to settle.

Coughingchildren5 Fri 12-Jan-18 07:00:18

It's the condition. When my meds are low or I've missed some I have irratic cycles and lots of nasty spotting. When meds are right, I am very regular.

Wetwashing00 Fri 12-Jan-18 12:05:51

That’s strange that it’s the condition, as I had been undiagnosed for almost 2 years and never had a problem with periods until the month I was diagnosed.
Is it something I need to tell my doctor about?

Ekphrasis Fri 12-Jan-18 12:49:58

You could mention it. It might be linked to ageing too? I was dx at 20 way before children and never noticed any period change. They may have lengthened but I really don't remember. If anything were lighter but I think I'm in the minority there.

A friend had a partial thyroidectomy and then noticed her cycle became messed up. Tsh hovered around 3-4, not on thyroxine yet as I think they're hoping the other half will take over.

Coughingchildren5 Sat 13-Jan-18 09:33:40

Well there are other causes for changes to our monthly cycle so if this is not a symptom you have experienced before your treatment I would mention it to your doctor.

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