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PIP face to face (MS)

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Falconhoof1 Fri 09-Jun-17 16:52:52

I have MS and have just completed PIP application. My main issues are fatigue and vertigo. Can anyone tell me about the face to face? To be honest I'm not holding out much hope of getting anything (at best standard living) and am so nervous about the face to face I can imagine me withdrawing the claim entirely.

Yogagirl123 Fri 16-Jun-17 21:57:02

Please don't withdraw your application, have you the support of your MS nurse, GP & Neurologist? Did someone help you fill out the form? There are some tricky questions.

The PIP process is gruelling I agree, but see it through. I had a face to face assessment not the most pleasant experience, the lady that came was nice to be fair, but it's depressing to talk about how MS affects you day to day etc when I try my best to be positive, you can have someone with you during the assessment and that helps.

Living with a disability undoubtedly costs more, as you need to be able to pay for equipment and help that you need. That is exactly what PIP is there for, to keep you as independent as possible.

I have to say, I think they make it as difficult as possible to claim, to put people off etc. You have a diagnosed condition that must be affecting your daily life to considering claiming etc, can you get some support from your local branch of MS society or CAB? The worse they can say is no, isn't it? I would keep going if I was you, OP.

Good luck, keeping my fingers crossed for you. Xx

Falconhoof1 Sat 17-Jun-17 11:42:46

Thank you so much for your encouraging reply. I did have help with the form- I have a local MS therapy centre who have been brilliant. I will keep on with the application and see what happens. X

Yogagirl123 Sat 17-Jun-17 14:01:35

Your welcome Falcon, I am so pleased that you have decided to go ahead with your application, I really hope you get awarded something, I am pretty sure you will.

How long have you had MS? I was DX in 2012, RRMS, after a bout of Transverse Myelitis. I know I don't need to tell you MS is a horrible condition, my life has changed a lot from the clothes and shoes I wear, hair washing, to cutlery. UTI's, fatigue, feeling grumpy, cog fog, memory, vertigo, visual issues, TMD etc My balance is poor, but everyone says how well I look!

I am taking Tecfidera now, prior to that Rebif, however that wasn't controlling the MS.

I try to think positive, I go to an MS yoga group and exercise group and always focus on what I can do rather than can't. My PIP has helped me to have someone in to do the ironing, cleaning etc, go to the hairdressers when I can't wash my hair, have the grass mowed etc.

Thank goodness DH loves cooking, he works from home so I don't have to think about food for me our our teenage DS's. I also have a blue badge now and that helps a lot.

All the best OP, keep going and I hope you get a positive decision soon. Xx

Coconut70 Sat 17-Jun-17 14:07:38

hi I too have neurological problems and get pip and esa as I can no longer work. def speak to cab they are very good. if your illness fluctuates describe a bad day, don't overestimate how you cope what you can do think of your worst as they will take the best you can do. pm me if you like and I can answer any queries you have. good luck xx

Falconhoof1 Sun 18-Jun-17 14:55:21

Thanks a yoga and coconut. I was dx with rrms in 1995 and have been pretty fortunate with relapses in that i have very nearly completely recovered from but have balance, fatigue, bowl and bladder problems and vertigo. Thanks for the advice. You get so used to being positive that the whole experience of claiming PIP is so difficult has you have to focus on the negative! I literally felt worse after completing the form as I had to describe all my problems in detail. I also look so well that I think the assesor will look at me and laugh but it's a struggle some days. Thanks for the support, it means a lot xxx

WitchDancer Mon 10-Jul-17 15:54:40

It's a horrible experience, however it is a necessity to get you the help you deserve. When they come to see you don't offer additional information as they can use it against you, and the phrase 'on a bad day I can do x, y, and z' is one you need to be using.

I said something along the lines of 'I used to read a lot but can't do that now as I can't concentrate on the plot'. This was used in the assessment as 'Witch can concentrate as she reads a lot'.

I could have appealed I'm sure but was mentally exhausted by the whole process. That feeling does fade though!

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