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Did anyone get the Art of Crochet part 1?

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JigglyPiggy Sat 23-Jan-10 13:29:19

and is it worth sending off for?

I have'nt been able to find it anywhere!

Karrierbag Mon 25-Jan-10 13:05:29

I havent been able to find it either!

PurpleFrog Mon 25-Jan-10 14:59:00

I couldn't find one either but took out a subscription on their website. You can cancel at any time so I decided to get the first 3 or 4 issues then decide whether to continue. That was almost a cheaper option than buying issue 1 on eBay at inflated prices! I haven't received it yet so can't answer if it is worth sending off for! smile My local WH Smith did have issue 2, but of course you couldn't flick through it as it was in plastic with a free binder. I think I saw somewhere that you could phone them to order issue 1 without taking out a subscription - I think you paid £1.50 inc P&P. Of course, I can't find that info now.

JigglyPiggy Mon 25-Jan-10 17:00:12

I have now got hold of part 2 with the folder but no sign of part 1. It says you can write off and send a cheque for part 1.

I was tempted by the subscription and free gifts aswell but DH always moans at the adverts for these magazines as they do run into the hundreds and it would be typical of me to end up having difficulties cancelling.

shock at the ebay prices!!

PurpleFrog Mon 25-Jan-10 20:15:32

Yes - I'm a sucker for a "bargain". grin I now have a letter from the company confirming my Direct Debit info, but no timescale for delivery given. I can cancel direct debits with my bank online so reckon I won't have problems cancelling when I want to! By the way, it says on the website there are 120 issues!!!!

What do you think of issue 2?

EssenceOfJack Mon 25-Jan-10 20:21:49

I have to say, I wasn't impressed by issue one, haven't watched the dvd though.
I onyl bought it as I was at IL's and bored and had forgotten my crochet kit!
The magazine was veyr basic, some icky tunic thing, but quite clear. I wouldn't pay that much for it though, much happier with Inside Crochet and Crochet Today from US.

crockydoodle Mon 25-Jan-10 20:38:56

I managed to get issue 1 but haven't seen another issue since and i know loads of people are looking for it. It was cheap at 99p as you got a crochet hook and 2 small balls of wool. There was a dvd too which i haven'got round to looking at.
Don't know if i would buy any more issues though as 120 issues at 3.99 each would work out quite expensive when you could buy a good book and some wool for a lot less.
Anyone recommend a decent crochet book?

lottiebunny Mon 25-Jan-10 20:56:28

I can't recommend a good book but I taught myself to crochet making amigurumi animals from this website and by making my DP a big granny square blanket.

I started with just 2 hooks and I've just invested in a crochet hook set and case from Purple Linda Crafts now that I'm more confident. This is a lot cheaper than Art of Crochet magazine would be even with all the balls of wool I've been buying grin

Start with small things that won't take long then you can start on more complex projects.

EssenceOfJack Mon 25-Jan-10 21:52:17

I used The happy hooker book, can hear DD crying though, gotta run!

EssenceOfJack Mon 25-Jan-10 22:06:29

Sorry, false alarm!this one here although it teaches in US terminology.

There are loads of video tutorials online and various websites that teach as well, well worth a google this one is good

crockydoodle Tue 26-Jan-10 11:08:15

ARen't american stitches different to ours though? Does that not complicate things?

EssenceOfJack Tue 26-Jan-10 12:12:54

The stitches are exactly the same but they are called different things, so UK to US terminology is
Uk = US
Single crochet = slipstich (I think)
Doubel crochet = single crochet
Treble crochet = Double crochet
Half treble = Half double

most irritating but as long as you learn in one or the other it is easy enough to 'fix' once you are used to the stitches.

EleanoraBuntingCupcake Tue 26-Jan-10 12:15:39

happy hooker is fabulous better than some crummy magazine full of dodgy ponchos and novely bags (imo!)

EssenceOfJack Tue 26-Jan-10 12:19:56

PLus the magazine's do it in 'stageed lessons' so if you ahve got the hang of a stitch you have to wait a fortnight/week to get the next lesson.

zisforzebra Wed 27-Jan-10 00:29:05

The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller is fab. Although it uses american terminology, it also has a conversion chart in it so you can use english patterns as well.

The patterns in the book are great and the explanations and diagrams are really clear. I love Debbie Stoller's books because she just has a lovely way of explaining things.

crockydoodle Thu 28-Jan-10 11:06:57

Ordered the Happy Hooker from Amazon but had to be careful to order the right book as there was another by the same title and it was NOT about crochet blush

Nathy Fri 19-Feb-10 13:08:29

Quick update ladies - I phoned them this morning and they said that they have just received Issues 1 & 3 and they will be delivered sometime next week! At long last!!!

PurpleFrog Fri 19-Feb-10 14:26:30

Hmm... I have been considering cancelling my subscription as it is now about 5 weeks since I signed up and haven't received anything. I e-mailed them yesterday but no reply yet. (too mean to phone )

So thanks Nathy, for this info - I'll give them another week.

By the time I actually get these magazines my urge to crochet may well have waned!

Niecie Fri 19-Feb-10 14:30:30

I have it and even as a beginner I find it a bit basic. However, it does have the yarn to start the blanket.

Have a subscription but not received anything yet.

Wrote to them about 2 weeks ago when I noticed issue 5 in the shops and asked when it was coming but only just (yesterday) received a reply saying they had run out of stock. hmm

Apparently things will be sent out when more have been received. Not impressed though - they are on about issue 7 in the shops now.

I'll give them another week and then if nothing, I will cancel.

Niecie Fri 19-Feb-10 14:32:33

Should have said not received anything except issue 1 which was about 4 weeks ago.

PurpleFrog Thu 25-Feb-10 09:56:35

Well - issue 1 was waiting for me when I got home last night! So I spent yesterday evening crocheting.

I think 2 & 3 are supposed to be sent together, so I expect that should come soon...

Niecie Sun 28-Feb-10 00:46:09

Still not got nos 2 and 3 even though it has to be about 5 weeks since no. 1

Not impressed.

PurpleFrog Sun 28-Feb-10 10:28:19

Niecie - have you received any of the free gifts yet? Apart from issue 1 I have not had anything. Like you, I am not impressed with the overall service. I know they had to print more of issues 1 and 3, but at the very least they could have put an apology in with issue 1 - there was nothing.

I read on another forum that various WH Smiths are stopping stocking it soon, so most people will have to subscribe or order it through their newsagents.

I think I will keep on my subscription until I get a few more deliveries.... then I will review it.

Niecie Sun 28-Feb-10 12:46:11

No, no free gifts, Purplefrog. Not too bothered by those really so long as the yarn is included for the blanket. I was lucky enough to get a crochet hook roll from Father Christmas and a little bag is never going to be enough to contain my stash of yarn. blush

Anyway, they could still send issue 2 couldn't they, as a gesture, with a note to say what is happening!

Sounds like there are more crocheters out there than they thought but it is the lack of communication that bugs me. They took so long to reply to my email. <sigh>

Bleatblurt Sun 28-Feb-10 13:16:29

I'm really glad that I didn't buy this magazine now. I was going to but then forgot.

I'm teaching myself to crochet from YouTube tutorials! grin

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