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Can anyone give me an idea what to ask for my Singer sewing machine?

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hereidrawtheline Sat 19-Sep-09 22:42:07

I have a Singer sewing machine, it is model 6038, 2003 but it has never been used! shock still in the box, still got the styrofoam padding around it, instructions everything. I tried to thread it once in 2004, couldnt manage it and never bothered again. It has occurred to me to try again with a bit more perseverance this time but to be honest I havent got time to learn anything new my life is already chock a block with stuff all over the place both creative and practical. So I have finally decided to stop saying "one day I will learn" and got it out of the loft today, out of it's sealed box and want to sell it.

I looked on ebay but there are no models like it for sale so I dont have anything to go by. What should I ask for it? I want to shift it ASAP. There is a sewing machine shop in Colchester near where I live I may walk in there tomorrow or phone and ask if they are buying but I'd like an idea first. Thanks!

hereidrawtheline Sun 20-Sep-09 01:30:23


hereidrawtheline Sun 20-Sep-09 13:16:04

bump again?

Squishabelle Sun 20-Sep-09 13:33:59

Can you remember how much it was new?

hereidrawtheline Sun 20-Sep-09 13:42:58

I think it was asking around £300?!? This is going back to 2003 mind you and remembering a week ago is a rather big ask. I seem to remember the guy in the shop was a lovely eccentric man with very long fingernails and gave me a whopping discount so I got it for more like £200 or £225? But this is very vague!

Squishabelle Sun 20-Sep-09 13:45:59

Its got very good reviews - can you find the price of a comparable model and go from there?

hereidrawtheline Sun 20-Sep-09 13:48:51

I just do not know anything about machines, I have never used one. This was meant to be my learning on machine which never happened so I just dont know how to compare it to anything else.

Squishabelle Sun 20-Sep-09 13:54:05

Probable best on Ebay then it will fetch the best price so to speak. But you may want to think your reserve carefully. The only problem would be transit costs. Alternatively how about ad trader or admag? If your not in a desperate hurry to sell, advertise at a price you would be happy with and if it dosent sell then you know youve priced too high; you can then reduce slightly and readvertise each week till it goes.

hereidrawtheline Sun 20-Sep-09 14:15:32

Does £100 sound fair for it?

Squishabelle Sun 20-Sep-09 14:23:35

Would you be happy with £100?. If yes, then try it - you have nothing to lose.

hereidrawtheline Sun 20-Sep-09 14:39:24

See I am so crap at these things. I am pretty desperate for some cash so dont want to ask too much but because I do need the money I would really like to get what I can for it. I would be thrilled with £150 or £200 as it is literally as new never been used still in its blooming box! It just is admittedly 6 years old. But at the time it was top of the range so it would be hard to buy one like it that cheap now (I think, from looking at Singer's site)

hmm... well... maybe I will just list on ebay, maybe with a BIN of £150 collection only. I really dont think I can bring myself to try to post the beast.

ChilloHippi Sun 20-Sep-09 14:47:09

You can buy it here new for under £140.

hereidrawtheline Sun 20-Sep-09 14:48:44

can you, oh well that is good to know. then I will go less. thanks

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