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Where (online) to buy White stretch Lace?

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Katymac Sat 22-Aug-09 23:01:29

For an I don't want to pay a lot


southeastastra Sat 22-Aug-09 23:02:29

ebay? local market?

what experiment?

Katymac Sat 22-Aug-09 23:13:46

To make 2 versions of this for DD to compete in

The middle one but with a longer but still short lycra skirt for Latin & a much longer <net curtain material??> skirt for Ballroom

I donn't want to spend too much in case it doesn't work

The dress maker has swopped childminding for dress making otherwise I couldn't afford to have them made for her

I am hoping white will suit DD (photo on profile.....I hope)

Katymac Sat 22-Aug-09 23:16:55

I looked on ebay & there is one suitable but they want £6 postage for 2m of material shock

We don't have a local market

Katymac Sun 23-Aug-09 20:37:47

Bump for more help?

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