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Starting a craft club at school...

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Yorkiegirl Sun 22-May-05 18:06:52

Message withdrawn

Dingle Sun 22-May-05 18:50:07

Can you get your supplies via the school. Some suppliers give a discount to institutions, schools, charities...etc.
What age groups?

Yorkiegirl Sun 22-May-05 19:00:23

Message withdrawn

Carolinett Sun 22-May-05 19:44:21

Hobycraft on line do craft projects for children I think they change every month the are really detailed inso much as theres clear instruction & picture showing you what to do. They did a great one at Easter

kkgirl Sun 22-May-05 21:04:34

What about some of the things in Baker Ross, photo frames, boxes, shrink plastic etc.

champs Sun 22-May-05 22:14:23

oooo fantastic!! children can be really open minded and full of creativity. Love crafting with them.

seasonal themes are good, easter, summer, christmas etc.

I remember loving plaster of paris stuff when i was younger, you know the ones that come with moulds that you make and then paint.

ermmm card making, scrapbooking, making keyrings, jewelery.

ceramic decorating, glass painting.

drawing and painting.

model making.....

Yorkiegirl Sun 22-May-05 22:15:18

Message withdrawn

roisin Sun 22-May-05 22:19:42

I think that sounds great ... gives them an opportunity to be genuinely creative. I get a bit fed up with "kit-style" craft activities, where there is no creativity required, it's just an exercise in assembly, and who can apply the PVA most neatly!

champs Sun 22-May-05 22:37:38

great idea!! am doing scrapbook with sunday school soon but will be about themself what they like friends, family etc.

kwym roisin, good for one offs or parties where time is limited, but something that will really get the creaTIVE JUICES FLOWING (oops caps!!) will be better and keep them coming back.

Yorkiegirl Sun 22-May-05 22:38:35

Message withdrawn

champs Sun 22-May-05 22:43:10

A4 is how I'll be doing it. cheaper, easy to store and you can get those plastic folder inserts and use a folder if you wanted. I plan to either do that, or use those hole punch tag thingies, with a cover page made by them.
think it may be easier for kidies.

you can also get ready made kiddie scrapbooks with sugar paer but I dont really like them.

champs Sun 22-May-05 22:46:09

btw, I'm starting to get into different size scrapping, those mini books look really nice.

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