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Dry Embossing

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kkgirl Mon 16-May-05 13:55:29


Does anyone do dry embossing. My Friend bought me some stencils and Fiskar Texture plates for my birthday. I haven't really played with the stencils yet, but love the plates. Have also just bought the Shapeboss, but now I have it don't really know what to do.

Dingle Mon 16-May-05 14:06:46

I have had mine for a while now, the shapeboss that is. I haven't got the texture plate, but they look lovely!

I have a few cards loaded on the PC, but TBH I really wasn't sure of them.I can load them in the NEW file for criticism if you want. I don't mind some bad comments, but please don't be too harsh. I feel they lack something but not sure what. Perhaps they just aren'y MY style!

kkgirl Mon 16-May-05 15:10:02

Hi Dingle

Typing with one hand while trying to eat some maltloaf!!!

I find the texture plate fun, I like doing a whole sheet of it, takes ages but find it relaxing. Can you load your cards into the file. I'm sure they are really good, it will be that you aren't used to doing that style of card. Let me know when they are on and I'll have a look.

I have just been to see our Community Development Officer about starting a craft group, mainly cardmaking of course. I am really excited now about designing posters and flyers to see if we can get enough people interested to start a regular group, only social not with formal teaching or anything.

Dingle Mon 16-May-05 15:54:16

Have you got the large embossing tool for your texture plates?
I have loaded the pics, please be honest!

How exciting about the Craft group, is this something you have done by yourself? Good luck, would love to know how it goes.

kkgirl Mon 16-May-05 16:05:17


I've got a double ended embossing tool, a tiny one and a large one.

I like the cards, I don't think that there is anything wrong with them, they are not your usual style and just a bit plainer than your usual ones, thats not a criticism anyway, I would be very proud of my work if I were you. I do love those two bright cards you have made, they are really brill.

I have been taking the odd class as you know to learn different things, but want a social type thing to go to, so decided to find out how to set it up, with a couple of friends. REally excited about it.

Dingle Mon 16-May-05 16:21:39

You can buy a larger, flatter embossing tool. I'll try to find a link for you!

Dingle Mon 16-May-05 16:25:01


gscrym Mon 16-May-05 16:26:38

I had the cardboss but found it a bit restrictive. I got a light box and some brass stencils and I love them. They're good for doing a lot of cards in front of the telly, quite relaxing.

Dingle Mon 16-May-05 16:26:56

Who are you aiming for to attend? You are very brave, I wouldn't have the confidence for that. If I can be of any help getting it going please let me know.

AuntyQuated Mon 16-May-05 16:28:38

gscrym...was it you who sent me the dry embossed 3 little christmas trees.
dingle...they were fantastic...3 trees with tiny sequins stars on the simple but SO effective. it made me buy the box and the stencil!

kkgirl Mon 16-May-05 17:54:58


Thanks. Will get one of those when I can afford it.
The Craft Club is intended for anyone who wants to meet up and do crafting really. We are not intending to teach, well I can't anyway as I am a beginner so is one of my other friends. I'm planning for it to be a social gathering - we are going to hold 2 taster sessions to see if we get anyone who wants to come and if we do we can ask them what they want - maybe rubber stamping one time and then embossing or decorative scissors whatever.
Its a bit nervewracking but there isn't a papercrafting club around here, so something has to be done.

wendy33 Wed 18-May-05 20:53:25

I have got the fiskars 'Scrap Boss' for dry embossing which is really good.
The texture plates are nice but the tool i saw the link for is ok if you emboss onto a piece of card then stick that onto tour card. If you emboss from the inside of the card it leaves scratches all over the inside of the card1 Be careful how you use it. I was really dissapointed. It was my last square card I had left!

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